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What is leptin reset?

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    I think I may actually need to do this.
    So starting Saturday I will be doing this from Saturday for 8 weeks to see.
    Umm anyone have any reason why my veins are starting to hurt? What the hell...
    I think it could be the freaking grapes and grapefruit I have had over the past 4 days... that could explain the reason why I am in such pain.
    Going to be sticking to nothing but spinach.... ffs.


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      Hmm. I checked out the questions he asks and I'm really surprised that I'm probably not leptin resistant.


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        Originally posted by miss claudia
        This may not be the place for this post. Apologies in advance.

        I'm wondering if anyone has had the experience of following Dr Kruse's paleo/leptin rules to re-establish leptin sensitivity and still not have it happen?

        In my case, I've eaten paleo for a number of years and strictly JR paleo for 3 months and have found no appreciable results from it in that my weight continues to increase regardless.

        I've also tried many other "leptin resistance" cures, mostly junk science bollocks, such as:

        1. Byetta & Symlin - no weight loss but managed to maintain a lower set-point weight
        2. Irvingia Gabonensis - no weight loss but managed to maintain a higher set-point weight
        3. Tonlin CLA - no weight loss, no weight maintenance, I think it made me worse
        4. Megadose Vitamin D - no weight loss, no weight maintenance
        5. Megadose Salmon Oil - no weight loss, no weight maintenance
        6. HCG Injections - no weight loss, no weight maintenance
        7. All Protein, No Carbs - disastrous, on about 700 cals per day gained .5lb every day
        8. Coconut Oil - oh my god, 2lbs per day for the 6 days I took it until I stopped

        My rT3 remains excessively high, the highest my endo has ever consistently seen, and the only way I can hold onto a reasonable weight or lose weight is to water fast for 2-5 days per week. Crazy I know but even eating paleo puts weight on me at an alarming rate.

        I've never been a junk food eater, have always preferred a ketogenic way of eating and until 8 years ago, I was always skinny.

        Obviously, something is drastically wrong with my metabolism. I'd be most interested in hearing from anyone who is going through a similar problem or has had periods of extreme weight gain for no obvious reason.

        I like this forum. BTW. Makes me feel I'm not alone out there!!! At last, people who understand "it" has nothing to do with less-calories-more-exercise.
        If your hormones or cortisol is out of whack it can take longer to reset - which is why Dr Kruse pushes getting labs done - so you can pinpoint what's going on...

        I'm starting week 13 of the reset - haven't seen a lot of weight loss - but I can check off all of DrK's questions for LS. But I have a cortisol problem...and I'm working on it... if you don't have labs and you have other issue - it can take longer to reach the reset... I will continue to eat the Leptin Reset protocol for the rest of my life - its done so much for me....
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          Hi Shijin. Agreed, I'll eat like this forever. I prefer it to eating any other way. I had a mouthful of apple pie about 6 weeks ago and felt nauseous all the next day. Enough to make me realise that I just no longer want anything like that kind of food, not that I ate much of it before.

          I have a bunch of auto-immune problems - Hashimotos, coelliacs, diabetes 2, lupus, MS - so have blood tests done pretty regularly. I have blood taken every 3 months and my rT3 is always highhigh and serum leptin levels are somewhere between 70 and 95 (normal in Australia is about 15). My cortisol levels have never been high. I take lots of compounded drugs - T3, DHEA, pregnenolone, progesterone cream, estrogen - and stacks of JR recommended supplements, especially the oils, and whilst I'm healthier than ever, the weight gain remains a chronic problem.

          I've been searching for why for 8 years now. It's great being here because here people get "it". The info, and the support, is incredibly good.


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            Thus, our data challenge the current concept that prolonged leptin exposure due to hyperleptinemia is the initiative and underlying factor for development of leptin resistance in obese mice. This line of thinking favors the fact that increased adiposity and consequent hyperleptinemia decreases the leptin action and creates the leptin resistance. Our data raise the possibility that increased UPR signaling even before the onset of adiposity and hyperleptinemia might be creating leptin resistance, and it might be the underlying reason for development of leptin resistance, since the leptin levels of XNKO mice severely increase at the early phases of HFD feeding, which are not proportional to the body weight. It should be also noted that leptin levels reach to extremely high levels in XNKO mice during the late phases of HFD feeding.


            Interesting article. Bascically saying that dysfunction in the endoplasmic reticulum of the cell is the root cause of LR and, to date, no way to reverse that exists. They also postulate that ER stress can come from many things including damage to the ER by environmental and biological factors.

            I've maintained that my chronic weight gain problems started with a weird virus thingy I had in 2002. I went from being skinny and not able to put on weight to a weight-gaining machine over a 6 month period in that year. It may also explain why every leptin sensitizing regime I've tried has failed.

            There doesn't appear to be a ER stabilising approach yet! Oh great!!!!


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              I did the reset for 8 weeks and still sort of sticking to it. Probably always will. It has worked amazingly well for me, and it did so very quickly. But I didn't have any major underlying hormonal issues.


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                Hi everyone! I really want to talk about this but the other threads never end....really!
                I'm on my 8th day....very hopeful....loving the meals....just gotta share my Big Ass Breakfast! It's a trip!
                Here it is:
                3 poached eggs covered in cheese sauce (cook 1/3 c. cream down with some cheese in it)...(to die for)
                and one turkey sausage! just rocks!