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    Hi, I am new to Primal recommended by a paddling (Kayaking) club member,
    who also is a natural chiropractor. I had been following ZONE diet (similar in many ways) for 7 years.
    Only just got interested in exercise last August, after being a couch potato, except for kayaking. Started hiking and bicycling again, last summer, as well. It was the hiking and out-of-shape up mountains and losing last 10 lbs that got me to finally consider exercise.
    Anyway, ZONE is similar diet/eating/lifestyle in many ways. Been taking Fisk Oil, Vitamin D etc for 7 years, now. I have a question about the Appo-B number on my cholesterol test. 8 years ago before doing any diet/health changes my total Cholesterol was 264. Dr. (a shame he moved, was conservative) suggested diet and exercise. One year later, after no change in my lifestyle, my cholesterol was 284. Dr. prescribed Zocor 20 mg for 90 days, and again suggested a diet and lifestyle change. With my weight also being up decided to make a change. Hated diet books, all seemed extreme (and most are). Wife happened to bring home Omega-Rx Zone that week, and having off the rest of the day from work for Dr. appt., I decided to read this, another "diet" book. Well this was more science backed-up and more about lifestyle and not "diet". I decided to give it a try including a high Quality Fish Oil / Omega-3.
    45 days into 90 day Zocor, I was on a 1-week business trip. Upon return, I found I could not find the Zocor. Oh well, I thought, let me really put eating lifestyle change to the test. After 90 days returned to Dr. and cholesterol was 224! (And weight was down, too.)
    So after 7 years of maintaining, I finally started exercising last August as mentioned.
    When my paddling chiroprator friend told me about Mark;s daily Apple, I was intrigued. From Dr. Barry Sears and ZONE, I knew about 2 LDL cholesterol, but in layemen terms of "fluffy, beachball, harmless" and "smaller, dense, problematic" - which I now know as Pattern A and Pattern B from the Primer that Giff (sic?) put together on these forums.
    So having just ordered a blood test for my next annual exam (different Dr., unfortunately - my previous hard-to-find and rare conservative Dr. moved out of the area 5 years ago.) I asked them to add the Appo-B test. (I did not know about VAAP, then. Next year.
    I am not sure what numbers regarding Appo-B mean or good range? I am not worried because even Dr. Sears emphasizes the TriG/HDL ratio, too, and mine dropped from above 4.0 pre 7 years ago to about 1.0 post lifestyle change.
    So, as a reference here are my numbers:
    Only three dates: 7 years ago, 1 year ago pre-any exercise, & 3 days ago post-exercise with Appo-B test results.
    Time:.....7 yr.....1 yr.....3 day
    LDL........213......117......100 (calculated? Friedewald?)
    LDL........n/a........87........69 (calculated via Iranian from this forum's formula)
    TriG/HDL..4.0..... .76....... .61
    So, I am not sure what to make of Appo-B nor what it means?
    Esp. in light of all other numbers being so excellent.

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    It has been shown in studies that a high apo B concentration reflects a dominance of small, dense LDL, even in the case where LDL is a "normal" number. You don't want small, dense LDL, you want large fluffy LDL and therefore a low apo B concentration. Apo B is a better predictor of heart disease risk than a simple LDL number. 79 is within a good range, anything below 109mg/dL is considered good.