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Green Peas -- Legume or Starchy Primal Veggie?

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  • Green Peas -- Legume or Starchy Primal Veggie?

    This may sound like a dumb question and I have read the book and the web site... but I was looking through some paleo recipes (which does not necessarily equate 100% with primal) and they were using green peas.

    Are fresh or frozen green peas a primal starchy vegetable? I have been thinking of them as a legume?

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    I'll eat them from time to time...usually they're mixed in as part of a larger dish. Technicality they're probably not "primal" but it's a whole food so it's "in" as far as I'm concerned. Not sure I care for them enough to have a big side dish of peas.
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      Mark said on a blog that young green legumes like peas are probably okay, and I would think primal people ate them since we can. It's the matured versions that are bad.

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