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    I plan on giving blood at work tomorrow. Should my eating be changed at for it? Would it be a good day to do a carb refeed (usually do once a week anyways) or should my eating not really matter??

    Thanks ahead of time for the input!

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    I don't typically change anything about my eating habits when I donate blood. I don't eat the snacks or sugary drinks provided afterward in the canteen area - I'll just drink water. (Though lately my local blood center has had raisins or trail mix, which is better than the usual cookies/crackers as a post-donation food item). I just make sure to hydrate a little more in the day or two afterward, and to schedule the blood donation so that I have at least a full day before my next workout.
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      I don't change anything either, except drinking more water. Post-donation I munch on some raisins they provide (as opposed to the cookies and other junk.) They also give away certificates to a local diner for a free breakfast, so I'd go and enjoy a hearty meal... but still pretty much Primal all the way around.


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        I used to get deferred for my iron levels pretty regularly before going Primal so I still try to eat a more iron-rich diet (out of habit) when I'm getting ready to give blood even though my levels have gone way up in the last year. I also take something with me to eat afterwards since they only have granola bars, crackers and cookies at my blood center.


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          I second/third the advice of drinking lots of water both before and after and not changing what you eat. I read somewhere to avoid fatty foods before you donate as they can cause limpeic blood that cannot be used, but I think that is a myth. I think I read elsewhere that high triglycerides in your blood is actually what causes limpeic blood and of course eating high carb raises trigs.

          Somewhat off-topic: if you are starting regular blood donation, get your ferritin (marker for iron storage) levels checked at your regular doctor appointments (if you have those). Your hemoglobin/hematocrit levels can remain normal for some time by using your stored iron, but once your stored iron is depleted, your hemoglobin will drop. Some people can donate every 8 weeks with no problems and some will develop iron-defeciency anemia on such a regular donation schedule. I am in the latter group. That was my PSA, haha.


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            No. Just be wary of the carby treats they offer after; I always take some cheese or other food. I give blood regularly; working on my third gallon since 2005.

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