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tendon, tripe and tongue?

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  • tendon, tripe and tongue?

    I know liver, kidney and heart are the all-star organ meats, but am I getting any benefit from eating beef tripe, tendon, and tongue?

    Other than the fact they're delicious, of course

    I'm guessing the tendon is full of collagen... I eat all three at least weekly.

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    Definitely getting some benefit due to the different mixes of proteins. Still want to eat organs for the vitamins and minerals
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      I've been wondering - is there any particular nutritional benefit to heart? (Apart from being good muscle meat and fantastically cheap?) Anyone know?


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        Originally posted by Hilary View Post
        I've been wondering - is there any particular nutritional benefit to heart? (Apart from being good muscle meat and fantastically cheap?) Anyone know?
        Heart is similar to liver in that it is high in various vitamins and minerals. Also it is one of the best sources of COQ10, more so than even liver.


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          CoQ10? Good to know - thanks.


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            I love liver and heart. Tongue isn't bad either - kinda reminds me of pork shoulder. Kidney however I'm still learning to love. I'm going to try it cooked low and slow next time... or should I bother? Are there any unique benefits of kidney that heart and liver don't cover?


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              Heart also makes really good jerky since it is so fat free.


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                what's CoQ10?

                I'm not sure about benefit, lots of people seem to think the collagen is good for your joints. I like them because they're tasty. Except green tripe. That's well... like a hammer to thumbnail.

                I would imagine though, very little fat in any of them, easy to get and low cost because hipsters haven't really discovered the tripe or tendons. (They have found tongue here, it can be as high as $13.99 a pound.)
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                  Quality cow tongue is pretty cheap at the Walmart down here in Jacksonville... They also have tripe, but I always thought that was just mostly fat. What do you do with that? It tastes good? Ox tails are also pretty cheap... 3$ a pound. I'm thinkin' STEW!
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                    Oxtails for $3/lb? That's a pretty good deal. I think they're like $5-6/lb at Publix. I might have to brave Wal-Mart for that!