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Hitting the wall have i done so far??? Carb Flu so soon?

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  • Hitting the wall have i done so far??? Carb Flu so soon?

    so today i had:

    bkfast: 3 eggs and a few blackberries, iced green tea unsweetend
    snack: handfull of cashews, some coconut flakes (just a couple)
    lunch: BAS with spring mix, steak, feta cheese, walnuts, tomatoes and vinegrette

    Right now I don't feel hungry but I feel very tired and spacy, some heart flutters and muscle twitching. I do have hypoglycemia...I hope I'm on the right path.

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    What did you eat yesterday?


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      Well i just started this today, yesterday was really a bad day. I had a starbucks iced double shot with soy milk and syrup, an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat, a bunch of crackers, cheese spread and summer sausage and gold fish, chicken, potatoe salad, ceasar salad, chocolate cake and about 5 vodka/fresca's!


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        You're on the right path. I vote that you're still feeling the affects from yesterday and all the previous days you ate like that. Give it a few more days of good, clean eating and see how you feel. My guess is you'll feel like you can fly on day three or four if you really stick with it. Hang in there!


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          Thanks. Actually writing out what I ate yesterday made me go Duh! I'm probably hung over! lol


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            Sure does sound like carb flu. Add some fat, lots of it. If you don't have coconut oil already, get some ASAP and use it liberally. Make sure you're using a lot of salt too. When you first reduce carbs, you'll release a lot of water(this is a good thing) but along with that goes sodium, and you need to replenish that. It will pass!


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              Yeah, erm, Carb Flu is generally an immediate thing when you go primal. Once it's gone it generally stays gone until you do a major cheat. YMMV, but carb flu can last for weeks or just a couple of days. In extreme cases I've heard people complain of symptoms longer than a month.