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problem with my poo

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  • problem with my poo

    hi, i have a problem with i had for like the last year and a half or so from what i can remember.
    my poo isnt going out well (lol that sounds bad)..
    most of my poo is diarrhea, and sometimes i can visit the bathroom few times a day and it always a diarrhea and in small quantities.
    it got somewhat worst in the last few months and it realy messes up my life because i cant realy make any plans because i dont know when il have to go to the bathroom (i realy dont like going to foreign bathroom).
    i thought it had something to do with my nutrition, but i started primal like 3 weeks ago and i dont think there is any change.
    also i did a fecal but it was normal according to the doctor so i dont know..
    what can i do? thank you.

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    I did find the first few weeks of going primal that i had the same problem. But it soon subsided and now its the total opposite. Just give it time but it might be worth getting a second opinion from your doctor if it continues


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      IMO, you have Irritable Bowell Syndrome caused by wheat & grains. Stock to a strict Paleo Diet & it should clear up.
      Also avoid soda pop, alcohol & sugars.
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        damn.. i am doing paleo strictly (had a bit of carbs cravings but not so much now) but im recruited to the army in like 4 months and i dont think i can control what im going to eat in there so much.


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          I was going to say, stick with it and see what happens. But if you have a short timescale to take action then I would suggest you get on the GAPs or SCD diet as soon as possible (loads of info on google if you want to find out more, and some threads here too). If it's gut issues due to damage from grains, dysbiosis of your gut flora or whatever, then that's your best chance of healing it. Sticking with paleo may well work over time but since you haven't got much of that.

          Eat lots of bone broth, take some high quality probiotics (introduce them gradually!).
          Gluten intolerance and hypermobility syndrome

          Eat food. Mostly real. Enjoy life.

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            A friend of mine was diagnosed as gluten-intolerant, but after going gluten-free for a few months was able to eat it again normally. His gut just needed time to heal, I think.


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              Have you seen a doc? Have you been tested for celiac/gluten-intolerance? If not, research celiac and see if you can relate. If so, get tested OR just stick with Primal. The key is to be very strict regarding gluten (and understanding cross-contamination--ridding the diet of gluten is not as easy as it seems). It will take weeks, even months, to heal.