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some weightloss encouragement...from someone who loses slowly

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  • some weightloss encouragement...from someone who loses slowly

    I lost a few pounds the first week, but then didn't lose anything for the next 4 weeks. I kept reciting "weight loss is not linear" over and over, and stuck with it because I felt healthier. About a week or so ago I stopped tracking calories and such, and just ate primally. I noticed this week my fat was "jigglier" and seemed less attached. I was hopeful this meant I was losing the visceral fat below it. Yesterday I noticed that my rib cage was easier to feel/see when I suck in. And although my cup size still fits fine I had to hook my bra one notch tighter. It seems I am losing fat up high first, and I'm glad I noticed, because my pants still fit the same. All without any loss on the scale. Well, today I dropped 2.5 pounds all at once. I feel smaller. I think my body was biding it's time, waiting to see if this was short term, or if it was really safe to let go of some fat.

    Hope that helps someone!

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    I'm sure you'll hear this a lot, but if you are weighing in daily that is a big buzz kill.
    Go by how you look and feel and how clothes fit and weigh in once a month on the same day and around the same time.


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      I'm definitely finding that I feel thinner as the scale is not changing. Honestly - the fact that my clothes are fitting looser and I feel thinner is far more valuable to me than the scale.
      I know it's addictive (and I'm guilty myself of getting on the scale most mornings lately) but you really should only get on a scale once a week at most. Anything between your weekly weigh-ins is mental torture and useless information. Recognize that you are playing with your mind and not getting viable data.
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        I was a die hard scale hopper. It was absolute torture to only weigh once a week. When I went Primal, that habit stuck for months, until one day I just stopped. Now I get on the scale maybe once every couple of weeks. I have to say, I'm still astonished after several months that the scale keeps dropping. This has *never* happened before in my life! I am losing weight steadily, consistently, and it just seems to keep on going. Its very exciting!!

        Unfort I have fibromyalgia, so I wear very loose and baggy clothing, making that a poor indicator. I have been able to start wearing jeans again though, and those are feeling looser! I can still convince myself that its just because they are stretching due to wear bler bler, lots of head games going on still, but then I get on the scale and yet again, its lower.

        The REALLY amazing thing, is that even my scale games aren't working. Even if I try my hardest, I can't make the scale go as high as it was when I started Primal. Not even close. In fact, I can't even get it to go as high as the lowest I could get it when I started. So I finally am learning that it really is working Most of all though, I am just grateful to be getting my life back. I feel better, I hurt less, my flares are less frequent and when they happen, I come out of them faster. I have energy again, and I can DO things again.
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