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    Hello all!

    I have been following PB for the last half a year. I've had lots of success! Let me first mention I don't strictly adhere, as I do occasionally have a treat and I frequently eat cheese/drink milk and coffee.

    Anyway, to my question. I just started a desk job and I'm afraid my progress might be reversed. I'll tell you my daily food regiment and perhaps I could get some feedback from others doing deskjobs as well. I start my morning with eggs and/or some sort of meat (leftover chicken, beef, bacon, sausage). I drink water throughout the day besides my morning coffee and sometimes my afternoon coffee. I snack on trailmix I made myself (consisting of mostly almonds and seeds, with some peanuts). For lunch I have either a salad, or three pieces of cheese from the cafeteria. Dinner is back to meat and vegetables followed by berries since they're in season.

    So am I in jeopardy of back peddling? or just being a little over the top? Anyone have any suggestions a PB'r can do for work? I am afraid that the inactivity might ruin my weight loss.


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    You are sitting all day. Do you need to snack?
    Consider also breaking up the day with a lunchtime walk - 20-30 minutes is all you need.
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      No one ever needs to snack. Stop it. Also work towards not eating lunch. Have a bigger breakfast or dinner instead.

      You can get up once an hour or so and walk around the office for 5 minutes, or just stretch or something. And the noon walk is great, too.
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        Alright but let's say I do require lunch/snack of some sort. What would a perfect PB choice be? I figure a salad would be good.


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          Salad with protein in it. Make your own vinaigrette for dressing.
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            I started working a desk job about a year and a half ago. It didn't affect me negatively. I definitely also recommend a lunch/mid-day walking break. I do it even here in the sweltering Georgia heat and humidity (well, lately, a portion of it is through a really long air conditioned building). If anything, I've gotten more muscular and leaner since I started working. Then again, I've upped the intensity in the gym that I have access to at work, so maybe that's the reason, heh.


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              Thanks for the tip! A mid-afternoon walk sounds like a good idea. Might be a little chilly in the winter, it definitely won't be Georgia warm (I'm in Toronto). What is your typical weekday diet like?


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                I have a salad with canned fish for lunch most days, but am fasting today. No snacks. Just unnecessary, especially nuts and seeds. I have an offal curry with yoghurt of breakfast and meat and vegetables for dinner

                I don't understand why you can't find time to move slowly, lift heavy things, sprint and play. Many of us work and have time for these things. I walk 3km on the way to work each day, and 3km on the way home. I do my LHT and sprinting before breakfast on workdays. Play on the weekend
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                  I work a desk job and do 12 hr shifts to boot (lots of sitting on my ass). I always skip breakfast and just have a midday meal and an evening meal (or on nightshift, a meal at 5pm and 12am). For my at-work meal, I normally always bring a big salad with protein, dressed with olive oil and freshly ground black pepper and maybe some berries. I go outside, get fresh air, and take a walk on every break. I dont snack.

                  Just dont let the boredom and monotony of a desk job let you slide into bad habits, you should be fine.


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                    Lunch for me is almost always a huge salad with lots of veggies plus a protein (canned tuna, salmon or leftovers from the night before). This is the perfect solution for me to avoid that dreaded post lunch food coma and I've started eating this lunch as my standard long before I discovered primal.

                    In terms of walking at lunch, I live in DC - we get hot and muggy in the summer and cold, icy and damp in the winter. Before that I lived in Wisconsin - very cold in the winter (so I have a pretty good idea of your Toronto winters). You can usually get out for a 30 minute walk. I manage almost every day here in DC even in the summer (well, not always when it's over 100 degrees). Winters are actually easier than summer - just put on the parka, boots, hat and gloves. Cold weather is great for you. I'm sure you hear from the locals as it seems to be common wisdom wherever it is cold in winters that cold is healthy - and it's true.

                    When you can't get outside due to heat, cold or whatever weather issue your city is dealing with, I would recommend walking up a couple flights of stairs. Don't run. Walk. It will get your blood going and really make a difference. But really make an effort to get outdoors. Move your body - let it know you aren't done using it.
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                      It doesn't sound like you take in very many calories. Did you lose a lot of weight initially and then stop losing as much? If you did, you're probably hitting really far below your daily caloric needs. While nutrition is a huge part of weight loss, moving (as others have pointed out) is where it's at. You want your body to get enough energy to perform daily functions and a little more for some more intense activities. This will keep you from starvation mode, which increases cortisol levels and tells your body to hang onto everything for dear life.

                      What are your goals for weight loss and keeping it off?


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                        Thanks for the replies everyone. Just leaving for work now so i'll be replying back tonight


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                          I work a desk job ... in fact I have done so for the past 20 years. This year, so far, I'm down 33.5 lbs

                          Get up and meander around as much as you can. Get that walk in at lunch time. In the winter, I do 5 laps of our parking garage. My days of falling on my ass on an icy sidewalk are over.

                          I eat 3 meals a day averaging around 1600 calories but don't snack. Add an extra egg to your breakfast so you don't need that morning snack of nuts. Try to have meat with your lunch salad instead of cheese. If you really like cheese, try cutting back to one piece but bring an avocado or something else to put in your salad.

                          There are lots of little things you can do that will help, not hinder, your progress. Even if you're stuck at a desk job.
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                            As far as the walking outside goes, the sunshine helps, especially in the winter. I used to go to work before the sun was really up, and not get home until after dark. A little bit of sunshine in the winter can make a huge difference.


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                              I work at a deskjob, but I'm constantly getting up to answer the door, check the copier, go file things, etc. I also bounce my legs almost constantly and randomly stop and do wall pushups or point and flex my toes, or whatever else tickles my fancy at the moment.
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