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Elevated Liver Enzymes from Gluten Free Diet?

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  • Elevated Liver Enzymes from Gluten Free Diet?


    I woke up to an email newsletter this morning saying that a study has been done by researches in Finland for the American Journal of Gastroenterology, and they showed that in a small number of people following the gluten free diet (**due to Celiac Disease**), their Transaminase levels were usually elevated.

    When I went on Primal Blueprint, I did so with the knowledge that my son (now 14) was diagnosed Celiac at 8 years old, and I also, seemed to have issues. My son is also allergic to peanut while I am allergic to soy and yeast, among other things that I think I became sensitized to due to what I assume and believe is leaky gut. For example, I can't eat apples, pears, and other tree fruits, tomatos, and other stuff. This many allergies makes me think: leaky gut.

    Either way, these allergies and intolerances made Primal Blueprint make all the sense in the world, because it reaffirmed what Mark was saying- humans don't do well with grains or legumes.

    But- what do I make of this study? My son's levels have never been checked but he's due for his annual with the gastro, and I haven't ever checked my levels of anything. Is this something only Celiacs need to watch out for, or would anyone on the GF diet be susceptible to this?

    Here's the article: High Transaminase Levels Common in Celiac Disease


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    The levels are high but decrease or normalize on a gluten free diet.


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      Dear Sharon C.,

      Most gluten free foods are not low carb so I can see where liver enzymes can be a problem due to the link for carbohydrates and non alcoholic fatty liver.


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        Isn't the point that celiacs on gluten may develop the problem? Don't eat gluten is the answer, surely?
        Gluten intolerance and hypermobility syndrome

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          The foods containing Gluten are leading for serious diseases such as diarrhoea after eating and the diseases like Crohns, Coeliac.It is our endeavour to produce the best products for our family members whenever their particular dietary requirements insist on a controlled and strictly monitored variety of natural ingredients. Our range of gluten and wheat foods is constantly grouping with more new and existing additions. Some of the regular foods that we can still eat, without doing any gluten free baking at all. We have to try ir and then try it again and must not use a regular recipe by exchanging hours, Use recipes those are moist already , If we have any problems with lactose, use the recipes free from lactose including buttermilk rather than milk.