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  • Alternate Protien - Powders? Bars?

    Hi all,

    I've very much enjoyed PB since starting in Feb. Love the results. I feel rather good.

    I'm having one small (or not so small considering) issue.

    I'm having a horrible time eating meat.

    I'm not a veggie, nor have I ever been one. Lately though I just can't take the taste of beef, most pork and chicken unless hidden in some sort of sauce, soup etc. If I do eat it plain its like I can FEEL it sitting there until I eat something fatty like avocado or cheese (which I'm trying to limit because I'm one of the ones here to lose weight). Sometimes I don't mind fish at all and I do eat it when I'm out but I don't like my local options to buy to cook from home. Same for shrimp and scallops. Lately I've actually been craving shrimp/scallops/lobster.

    Most of the time I can figure it out but there are times when I'm on the go or come home rather late and very hungry and I'd like to have a quick option. I do use eggs and canned tuna. I try to keep small stock piles of ready made items in the freezer.

    What protein powders do people use? Bars?

    There are plenty of non-meat options but I end up really short on the total protein for the day (I'm not a huge macro type but I counted for a bit to see.... if I don't "try", 50g is a really really good day. I'd like to weigh 150ish down the line.... 170 at the most. I'm sitting at about 200 right now, so I don't want to screw this up. I lose slow and I've managed to pull off about 33 pounds to date.

    I like Fage there a bland sort of powdered protein I could slip in to up the protein content?

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    Some suggestions - not strictly PB but they may help:
    Quest Protein Bars (20g per bar) or google to make your own.
    Isopure whey protein shakes (50g per 2 scoop serving), low carb too - from GNC
    Crustless quiche (uses 10 eggs, 8oz cheese, some veggies if you like) - keeps in the fridge well, perfect for b/fast
    Don't forget, veggies contain protein too, may be worth tracking for a few days and including veggies in there just to see if this helps.

    I'm on Atkins - on their forum (Atkins), there are a number of vegetarians who may be able to help.


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      I could have written much of this post -- in fact, awhile back, I did post something similar. I cannot stomach beef, pork, or lamb right now. I am only eating seafood and a little chicken. And lately, I've been having protein shakes for breakfast. I use almond milk or coconut milk, frozen strawberries, and Jay Robb's strawberry whey protein powder. To me, it's the best tasting powder I've tried. I've tried a lot too. You could probably sneak that into the Fage without an issue -- I'm trying to think if I've put it in yogurt before but I cannot recall.


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        Heres a link to my homemade protein bars, they are not strictly paleo, but close enough. I eat one per day, but I could do two. or on Facebook here

        My training journal if anyone is interested

        Be strong to be useful


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          Thanks all!

          The crustless quiche.... thats a good idea to break up the boiled eggs, chopped eggs, egg salad (I'm eating a lot of eggs to try to make up for some protein) .

          Oddly enough I have a Quest bar because I landed a free sample... you just reminded me about it.

          Shannon... good to know I'm not alone. I've been feeling like I'm slightly insane for a couple of months. It just doesn't make any sense. I even use a meat CSA and supplement that with wholesale grassfed beef and raise meat chickens with my farmer friends.... so its not like I'm looking at tasting bleach or some such on the meat. We switched several years ago from conventional, so long before PB, so its not even like I can just say that it must be the change in meat.

          Thanks Blah! I'd be happy to be able to make something at home vs. factory made and then paying that price topped off by shipping