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Worried that I'm losing too much weight after discovering the Primal B!

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  • Worried that I'm losing too much weight after discovering the Primal B!

    *UPDATE 27th July 2011!* Read below:

    Ok so here are my full dimensions and activities. According to this app I use on my iPhone

    24 years old
    Height - 5 ft 11" (1m 79cm)
    Weight - 75kg/165lb
    Body fat - 15%
    Lean muscle - 76% (I can give body dimensions if you like)

    I play soccer quite intensely for 1.5 hours a week
    I play soccer full-on intensely for 17 minutes a week
    I walk for an hour almost every day (quite briskly)
    I cycle about 3 times a week for around 30 mins-1 hour
    I cycle for 1-2 hours once a week - can be quite hilly too
    I do 75 squats, and the plank for 1.5-2 minutes every morning

    Yesterday I ate (all organic):

    2 eggs
    1 tablespoon unsalted butter
    1/2 tin of baked beans

    1 red apple

    Mixed salad with around 3 tbl spoons of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar

    1 Banana

    Dinner (all veg steamed):
    1/2 tin of canned tuna
    1/2 a red pepper
    2-3 heaped tbl spoons of brocolli
    2 heaped tbl spoons of mushrooms
    3 tbl heaps of green/French beans
    3 carrots
    4 heaped tablespoons of carrots
    Passata/pasta sauce made with chili powder and onions (no salt or sugar)
    Mature cheddar cheese

    100g Yoghurt
    1 tbl spoon of maple syrup
    5 walnuts
    5 almonds
    1 tbl spoon of pecan nuts

    The total nutrition for all of the above (I can give individual food stats if someone is interested - I wrote it down from all packaging) is:

    Calories - 1888 kcal
    Fat - 104g
    Trans Fat - 0g
    Saturated Fat - 26g
    Poly Unsat Fat - 3g
    Mono Unsat Fat - 33g
    Cholesterol - 154mg
    Sodium - 922mg
    Carbs - 158g
    Net carbs - 122g
    Fiber - 36g
    Sugars - 73g
    Protein - 58g
    Calcium - 755mg

    How are my protein, fat and carb levels? I'm worried about my low calorie consumption for someone as active as me (only 1888) and low protein (58g).

    I could add another 2 eggs in the morning (total 4) I could add 12g protein and 140g calories.
    I could eat a whole tin of tuna for another 136g of calories and 32g of protein

    Is there anything else I can do? I've researched about body fat/muscle and the PB recommendation of protein, fat and carbs, but I'm honestly confused and even more worried that I'm going to lose too much weight and feel weak! My cycle ride today felt a bit harder.

    Any recommendations extremely welcome! Thank you!
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    IHow long have you been doing PB for? What is your weekly weightloss on average? Without this info its hard to answer your question.
    If you worry about calcium, know that amonds and broccoli and sardines are good sources. You can also add aged cheeses if you worry about it. The yogurt is also good.
    From my own experience I noticed a lost a lot initially, but then it slowed down once the fluid-retention was gone. Maybe you should swap the daily bike-rides for a slow walk instead? You know PB doesn't recommend cronic cardio (that is unless your bike-rides are leisurely and slow)


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      Thanks Glamorama, I've only been doing it for about a week. I can't weight myself as I don't have a weighing scale. I just look and feel thinner.

      I do have quite a bit of broccoli and almonds but ok I will add more.

      And my bike rides are normally leisurely rather than fast! But there are lots of hills and my bike is old so quite a challenge (my legs quite muscly now!)


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        If you check out the graph for carb-intake while doing PB, note that if you are very active you can add 150 grams or more to your daily diet of carbs. I am aiming at losing a lot, so I am eating only 30-50 gr daily. By the sounds you don't need to focus on weightloss. I would add some sweet potato, carrot and tapioca to up your carb-intake.


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          We don't even know what your weight was before and what it is now.

          But if you feel fine and your performance is good then don't change anything. Don't eat more sweet potatoes just because a pyramid graphic says you should. Don't freak out over nothing. But if it would put your mind at ease, I'm guessing you just lost a bunch of water weight. It's that thing that happens when you are eating a bunch of extra salt and carbs, and then you stop doing that.


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            Thanks. As you can see I already eat 2 carrots a day. Perhaps I will add sweet potato then.


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              Oh and 'weird fish', yes, it could be water weight. I weight 75kg, an 5ft 11, 24 years old, male. Sorry for not posting this.

              My weight doesn't really change it seems (I think I've turned lots of it into muscle). Three months ago up until now I have been running everyday, playing soccer etc and cutting out processed foods. But with more research, the exercise probably wasn't doing anything and also I still wasn't cutting out grains. I will keep watch of my weight. I just don't want to lose the small muscle definition I have (and which I want to expand a bit more)


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                I guess the answer is to cut the cronic cardio, keep playing and start lifting something heavy.


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                  If you are not eating enough to maintain muscle, a decrease in performance should alert you before anything else. As long as you feel good, I really wouldn't fret about anything.

                  I think the demonetization of endurance cardio in PB is based too much in Mark's bad experience with it. Didn't he also say that he was eating tons of ice cream and potato chips at that time in his life? There's nothing wrong with being fit to run for miles. Don't let the PB restrict your activities; it isn't *the* definitive health source, it should be a suggestion for your personal guidelines. It's so easy to complicate diet+exercise, and all the complications can really make you second guess almost anything you try, but if you are healthy to begin with and making progress, there's no need. I say just keep it up.


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                    Thanks Weird Fish, I'm just going to keep it up and see how things go for a few months. If I start drastically losing weight and muscle then I will go from there as to what to do. I am definitely taking the PB guide as a very good guide, but taking my own lifestyle and personality into consideration.

                    I'd like to lift more heavy things, but I got tendonitis in both wrists which are still recovering (nearly there), so I'm guessing the only way of building up arm, ab and core muscles without using my wrists are things like the plank, and anything else that tenses my arms?


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                      Originally posted by masstsnkimo View Post
                      I'd like to lift more heavy things, but I got tendonitis in both wrists which are still recovering (nearly there), so I'm guessing the only way of building up arm, ab and core muscles without using my wrists are things like the plank, and anything else that tenses my arms?
                      You should be able to find many exercises you can do (with your own bodyweight, no equipment) in You Are Your Own Gym. All my "lift heavy things" exercises come from there.

                      I hope that's some help. Wishing your wrists a speedy recovery!


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                        Thank you very much! I will check the book out.

                        I think doing the plank for about 2 minutes every day (then my lower back pain kicks in), 150 squats a day and about 20 of these will help increase my abs, minimise back pain and may strengthen my arms a bit.

                        Am still honestly worried that I'm going to get skinny very quickly! Is having hummus ok? I've upped my daily carrots to 4 and may up my daily intake of eggs to 3 (is that too many?)


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                          Honestly there is nothing wrong with rapid weight loss if its due solely to a healthy diet. I have lost as much as 20 lbs in 2 weeks, and 20 lbs a month in 2 consecutive months.

                          If you are starving your body your body will tell you. Are you hungry or are you satisfied with your meals?

                          And finally, even if on the odd chance you are losing too much weight, you really can't be the judge of anything without a scale to measure by.

                          As for appearances, your body can slim up even without losing weight if you are exercising enough to be replacing fat with muscle.


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                            Sounds like you are burning up muscle. But without numbers, just an educated guess.


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                              Wildwabbit, you're right, I should be the judge based on if I'm still hungry and if I'm noticeably getting thinner. I need to buy a weighing scale (I will do that today).

                              Pyro13g, what makes you think this? How can I avoid this? I definitely don't want this to happen!