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    This is my version of the "Bat Signal" to any PB'ers out there who can offer some words of wisdom!

    I have not posted in about a month, so let me remind you guys of my stat's- I am 38, 5'2'' and 185 (now, I gained 5 pounds).

    Here is a daily break down of what I eat on a typical day:

    2 eggs fried in bacon grease

    with 2 strips of bacon and 1 slice of cheese

    atleast 6oz of steak fried in bacon grease

    a handful of pistachios, macadamias, sunflower kernels (chipotle flavored), or pecans.

    Also, I admit to about 3 of 7 days where my diet will include one or more of the following:

    1 mocha frappe or small coffee with milk and 1T of flavored creamer

    a caesar salad (without the croutons, but with the homemade dressing)

    some kind of chocolate (dark or otherwise)

    occasional serving of broccoli

    and 2x a month i go dancing and consume 3 drinks each of those nights (so 6 glasses of mixed drinks a month)

    No, I do not exercise regularly. I keep threatening that I am going to start, but I have not stuck to anything as of yet. I go in spurts. 1 to 2 months of some sort of daily routine to nothing for 3 or 4 months. I am in the nothing months currently.

    See anything too wrong with what I am eating? Any reason that the weight may not be coming off. I should say that though I have gained 5 pounds back, I still fit into the smaller sizes that I bought after losing the initial 12 pounds after starting the PB. So, it is either muscle or it has redistributed itself in places other than my hips, thighs, and waist.

    I know this is a common type of thread, but would greatly appreciate any ideas some of you might have. I like to think that my few cheats do not hinder my success, but if that is what it comes down to, then I will cut back, but not totally out (yet).

    Thanks for any help!

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    In your 'something' exercise months, do you find yourself losing weight? I'm a big believer in diet causing the most changes (fat loss / gain) however it may be that you just need to move a bit more.


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      a year or two ago, yes. now, i guess because of my age, no. My body does tone up fairly quickly, but weight loss does not come easy for me. I can exercise for two weeks and begin to see results usually within the first week and a half. So, some would say, "well then why don't you stick with it?", to which I would reply, I use to think I could slack for a while and now I know different. To twll the truth, since I have been on the PB, I have not been eager to exercise at all.


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        Personally I go through periods of being really excited about exercise to dreading it. The common factor though is that I always strive just to do something. If I don't feel like sprinting and doing pull-ups/chin-ups in the park then I won't, but I'll take a longer route to work and walk in my lunch break. Walking is my secret weapon. I started getting the bus to and from work a little while ago, and noticed myself quickly 'soften up'. I only walk about 2.5 miles a day but it makes a huge difference to my physique.

        I can't see too much wrong with your diet. You don't seem to be consuming too many calories. Granted, the 'cheats' aren't optimal but they're not overly frequent. Maybe you could only have those things two days a week rather than three?


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          I'm with dfast -- since you're not crazy into "working out" right now, how about adding in some "moving slowly" instead? Can you commit to walking, say, 8 or 10 or 12 miles per week?

          Remember, it's not about burning more calories, but about resetting your metabolism.

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            I agree with BarbeyGirl. It is about resetting your metabolism. Walking is good but if it is the only thing you do then eventually part of your weight loss becomes muscle loss. 15 minutes of real heavy lifting once a week will have a huge impact.

            Diet and exercise both need sticking power. It has to be something you enjoy doing or it won't stick.

            Good luck.


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              Cutting calories through diet is a bad decision. Losing fat through workouts, thats the optimal decision right there.

              I say find a type of exercise you love, then drop the title "exercise".

              I personally have no routine except that I aim for 3 weight workouts a week, incorporating at-least 4 primal movements out of walk/run, squat, lunge, jump, push, pull, bend and twist. That makes it very interesting.

              I also don't go to the gym only for physical benefit, I actually go more for the mental and spiritual benefit. It does wonders for me, but that is just me.

              I guess if I were you I would just start moving more, even if it is just parking at the farthest spot in the parking lot at the mall, and taking the stairs everywhere. Walk to the grocery store or any store that you need to go near you. Most importantly, stop thinking of exercise as just exercise.

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                Pauleygirl, I could have written that post! Same here, 5 lb gain, still fit into the clothes that I got when I was 5 lbs lighter, but they feel tight around the legs - so, yeah, the fat has been redistributed - and the pictures tell that I've put on lots of weight on my face. I used to exercise regularly, but just like you, I haven't been eager to do it since I started PB. I lost 30 lbs with exercise and eating the CW way. So clearly, exercise is a key factor here. I'm trying to get back into a regular exercise routine - am aiming for 2 weights session per week and to "move slowly" as much as I can.

                Just wanted to say you're not alone. Good luck with the exercise regimen.


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                  Whoa maba I didn't realize quite how similar we were! I lost a full 30 pounds with CW as well, but couldn't sustain the last 5 pounds very long (gained it back doing a half marathon plus 4 more...WTF?). So after losing about 5 pounds right away on PB I gained them back and am stuck at my post HM weight. Stupid! Oh well, slow and steady wins the race, and I'll get it back off

                  Pauleygirl the hardest part is getting started with your workout, so once you either get to the gym or turn on the DVD or get outside you'll be more likely to get a workout done! Sometimes if I'm having trouble finding a parking space near the gym (it's at a university, and I won't pay to park in a garage but I will pay for a meter), I'll start talking myself into just going home...but then I magically find an open spot and have to park and get out of the car Just getting my butt into the gym works every time.

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                  and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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                    pauleygirl, have you used FitDay or similar to monitor your carb intake? Mocha frappes have like 25g of sugar. At your weight, if you consistently keep carbs <10% of total calorie intake, I don&#39;t see how you wouldn&#39;t be losing weight.

                    I recently stopped exercising (I tend to go in cycles similar to dfast), and while I&#39;ve noticed my muscles aren&#39;t as hard, clothes aren&#39;t fitting any tighter. I think fat loss is something like 70-80% diet, with the rest being exercise and hormones.

                    Everything in moderation, including moderation.


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                      Not to be a jerk but...

                      At this point it&#39;s not about diet or exercise.

                      It&#39;s all in your head.

                      What is it you want? The fat to magically disappear with no effort. Not gonna happen.

                      What you need to do is look yourself in the mirror, visualize what you want. Then sit your butt down and make a plan. Then DO IT!

                      Whinning about age, metabolism, energy levels are just excuses. Excuses for what I have no idea, maybe fear of failure, whatever.

                      I know, I was there... Jan - Aug I came up with so many excuses I ran out haha!

                      I am 34 6&#39;2 and weighed 210 lbs Aug 3rd (my birthday)

                      I had no more excuses so I sat down made a plan. I have adjusted and set new goals. Yesterday morning I was 187 lbs.

                      I will let the others pat you on the head and tell you every thing is going to be OK haha.

                      Sometimes you just need a kick in the ass.

                      Consider yourself kicked!

                      (in a supportive tough love kinda way )

                      Don't be a paleotard...






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                        I would say fat loss is 80% hormones 20% genetics.

                        Diet and exercise/rest drive hormones 50/50.

                        (I made those numbers up but it make sense)

                        Don't be a paleotard...






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                          Why don&#39;t you learn how to increase your metabolism. I also encountered the same problem until I stumbled upon programs from different forums. Drink 1 glass of water for every 20 lbs of your total body to keep it hydrated all the time and promote good body circulation. Having your metabolism work for your benefit will make wonders in your program. Have a good mindset! Hang on there! Good luck!


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                            I&#39;m also haviing trouble shifting the lbs :/

                            I would recommend using Fitday, even just for a week, to double check your carb and calorie counts. You may be surprised - I know I&#39;ve been shocked in the past!

                            How do you handle nuts and cheese? As in, are they just normal food for you or do they trigger the munchies? If they&#39;re normal, then fine. If you get the munchies, then steer clear.

                            Your mini-cheats (the mocha, chocolate, alcohol) would be enough to set me off on the carb-rollercoaster but again this is very individual, and I seem to be very sensitive!

                            Have you ever been checked for hormone and vitamin levels?

                            Also agree with the idea of "moving slowly" i.e. walking everywhere, even just carrying your groceeries home is a little workout...

                            Just throwing out ideas, hope some of them hit the spot! Hang on in there


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                              I hit a plateau the moment I stopped hitting the weights. I seriously need to get back into that groove.

                              Start weight: 250 - 06/2009
                              Current weight: 199
                              Goal: 145