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Another Reason to Dislike Grains

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  • Another Reason to Dislike Grains

    It's hard to swallow the fact that our government uses so many of our tax dollars to subsidize the farming of grains.

    The Nine Foods The Government Is Paying For You To Eat - 24/7 Wall St.

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    In effect, we've subsidized Monsanto, Cargill, ADM, Tyson, et al., and have made a stunning investment in the deterioration of Americans' health.

    Yay for HFCS.


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        Huh, I see it more as a reason to dislike government.


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          This isn't new. Farming has always been a crappy profession, since your livelihood depends on the weather, bugs, labor availability, etc, and farmers have been looking for assistance for ages. On the one hand, your lowly Southern farmer probably does deserve a little help. But I would imagine the majority of subsidy money is for political favors, to keep jobs in the district, or to enforce some price floor (the farmers get paid NOT to grow crops, so the supply decreases and the price goes up.) Unfortunately, a mixture of good intentions and bad politics has made our animals sick, our soil less nutritious, and our school lunches into junk.


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            The problem is not the subsidies, but the fact that the family farms are going out of business as the large companies undercut prices and buy up all the land. The subsidies were there to ensure that family farms stayed in business (food security is a national security issue) but the whole thing has been corrupted by mega-farms and CAFO-type operations.


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              one day they wil franken food them selves to death
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                Michael Pollan describes this issue very succinctly in Omnivore's Dilemma. Subsidies are fool's gold for farmers in debt way beyond any notion of sustainability. The more the government artificially props up prices of commodity crops such as corn, the more corn farmers pump out, ironically lowering the price and their own profits. So who gets rich? Not the farmers. Big Ag and the food industry.

                The high price of cheap food.

                If you care about farmers, you support real food and real farms.