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Questions RE: Heart Racing, B12 Deficiency, Excess Mucous, Headaches

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  • Questions RE: Heart Racing, B12 Deficiency, Excess Mucous, Headaches


    I am attempting to incorporate more meat into my diet and have just a few questions, if anyone would be so kind as to answer them .

    They are as follows:

    1) Is there anything I can do about the excess mucous that eating meat seems to produce? Eating extra veggies seems to help, but I'm always up for more options.

    2) Why does my heart speed up when I begin eating meat after a prolonged period of not eating meat?

    3) I have B12 deficiency, and I find that if I go a day or two or longer without meat (I eat fish too), my fingers and hands and legs and feet begin to go numb and they tingle. They fall asleep. Does anyone have any sort of insight into this? I know I have tapeworm, but I'm not sure just how much the tapeworm is taking from me (they are known to take the body's reserves of B12 and iron).

    4) When will the headaches and fatigue go away? Always appears too when I begin to eat meat again. I started taking HCL supplements in the hopes that this will help me digest.

    Thanks so much for your time!

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    B12 deficiency can cause the tingling in your hands and feet, and both it and the low iron can cause the headaches and fatigue. Red meat gives you both B12 and iron, so when you are eating them you may be a little less defiecient. It sounds like your biggest issue is to get rid of the tapeworm. If it were me, I would also make sure I was supplementing with iron and B12. I am currently taking 2 300mg tabs of ferrous gluconate a day and my husband (who gets b12 deficiencies) is on 2 1000mg of B12 a day.

    I hope you get it sorted out soon, it sounds nasty.

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