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Intermittent Fasting, Weight training, and Protein Intake

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  • Intermittent Fasting, Weight training, and Protein Intake

    I'm trying to gain strength & muscle and I've read that I should be eating 1g of protein/1 pound of body weight. However, I've also started intermittent fasting. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I fast (skip breakfast and lunch), workout, and then break my fast with an evening meal.

    My question is: How much protein should I eat on days where I fast?

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    Here Mark's guideline for those who are working out hard is 1g per lb of lean body mass, not body weight. That is what I use as a guide.

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      That is the hard part about eating once daily. If you're lifting hard you'll still need to get your 1g of protein in. It is on gram per pound of lean body mass though, not actual body weight if that helps you a little.


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        Can you have two meals instead of one? Even if you want to spend more time in the fasted state, have two meals in a 4 hour window and focus on protein I suppose.... I don't take supplements but am considering getting some whey protein to mix with water for extra protein. I'm just undecided on whether it's going to make any quantifiable difference or not. It is a good way to bump up your protein intake without having to chew on meat (not that it's a bad thing, but it's harder to eat a piece of meat than it is to drink protein in water)
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          Not that it can't be done. It can. I just feel like I'm stuffed when I condense all of my daily nutritional needs down into one meal. I had a varied alternating meal plan at one point but I settled on a leangains style eating window usually with two meals every day of the week. It works for me and I love it. Your mileage may vary.


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            That actually helps a lot. I was only 10g short of my lean body mass yesterday. I'll just have to add another egg or two to that.


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              You SHOULD be eating the same amount of protein every day. If you believe in leangains, it should actually be closer to 1.5g/lb. That's tough though, especially if you insist on one meal. I can only handle about 2K calories in one sitting.