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Mark takes on "Broscience.." This is funny...

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  • Mark takes on "Broscience.." This is funny...

    The hallowed halls of the Academy of Broscience contain untold tomes of knowledge, wisdom, and recipes for “sick” pump stacks. Over the years, their scholars have elucidated the arcane esoterica of muscle confusion, thereby making it palatable for the layman. They discovered that any gram of carbohydrate eaten after dusk turns immediately to fat, and that curling in the squat rack engages more muscle fibers than curling elsewhere. Their field researchers are reportedly close to confirming the existence of spot reduction. But perhaps their greatest contribution to modern physical culture has been the establishment of the unassailable fact that muscle burns fifty times more calories than fat, at fifty calories per pound per day. (Even Dr. Oz says it, so it must be true.) As they have so painstakingly shown, adding twenty pounds of muscle increases your resting metabolic rate by 1000 calories. With that kind of leeway, you could eat a delicious twenty egg-white microwaved omelet with low-fat cheese and a side of plain oats and never worry about body fat accumulation!

    This, of course, is complete nonsense. Broscience is not even peer-reviewed and their application for accreditation is still in administrative limbo...
    How Many Calories Does Muscle Really Burn? (and Why It’s Not About Calories Anyway) | Mark's Daily Apple

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    I know many people that swear Broscience and science are on par with each other. That's why I stopped hanging around them. It hurt my head too much.
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      I didn't know it was a real word.

      Broscience is the predominant brand of reasoning in bodybuilding circles where the anecdotal reports of jacked dudes are considered more credible than scientific research.
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        It was a really funny article, but my mental comment was this:

        You cannot spot REDUCE, but you sure can spot-INCREASE. For me, as a female, that's the main attraction of the growing muscule. Not that they burn more calories at rest. See, I am stuck at 18% -20% BF, and chances are, I cannot reduce BF further without doing damage to my health by undereating and over-excersising. I have been there before (down to 17% BF, and permanently dizzy and sick), and I don't want to be there again.

        I do not want a starved look it gives me either, with the disproportionally fat thighs and emanciated upper body.

        What I want is the more muscular, heavier upper body, with pronounced deltoid, bicep & traps (or as pronounced as a woman can get) and the muscule on the upper leg that prevail over the fat storage, so I look different than all the starved gals in the spinning class. It's harder for a woman than for a man to gain muscule, but I do not see the other way.

        I do not neglect the other activities, but heavy lifting is my top priority because of that.
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