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long term health and allergies

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  • long term health and allergies

    A lot of the reasons why we exclude certain foods here on PB focuses on the damage they can do in the long term - obesity, diabetes, cancer, you name it. In moderation or once in a blue moon, downing that candy bar isn't going to kill you. But the theory is we should avoid those foods (even primal foods) that cause problems. That's why some people here don't touch dairy. Myself? I have no problem with it.

    However, I do have a minor allergy to fish. Tuna is the worst: indigestion, itchy mouth, thickened saliva... it's not a fun experience, but every once and a while I'll suffer though it because I absolutely love tuna. Before going primal, tuna sandwiches made with mayo was my favorite meal. Other types of fish like salmon and flounder also cause me some problems, but not to the degree that tuna does.

    I eat fish 2-3 times a week and deal with the symptoms. I know there are some great health benefits eating fish, and of course it's an excellent example of eating primal. But I wonder if I'm setting myself up for problems down the road because of the allergy. Does anyone know if constantly irritating an allergy has long term repercussions?

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    Not sure... There have recently been children "cured" of their peanut allergies (often deadly) by giving them increasing amounts of peanut each day. This was done under a doctor's supervision, and started with microscopic amounts. Eventually they were declared "cured" but were prescribed a daily dose of peanut to maintain that "cure".

    Allergies are basically an overreaction of your immune system to something innocuous. There may be a way to fix that, but it's not likely conventional doctors are going to work through it. A naturopath might have better methods here.


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      Were they real peanuts or the synthetic ones we have on the shelves?

      Allergies confuse even the specialists. If you stop eating fish, you could either bring on full anaphylactic shock the next time you eat it, or be cured if you quit long enough. 50/50 as far as I know.
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