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Fage Total Yoghurt Question/Complaint

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  • Fage Total Yoghurt Question/Complaint

    Quick question/complaint...

    I quite enjoy a bowl of full fat yoghurt with some berries and seeds. I've been purchasing Fage Total for a while under the assumption that it was 10% fat, however, today I checked the tub in the supermarket to discover it was 5% fat!

    I know for sure you can buy it in 10% form as I have done so in the past, but there seems to be no difference in the packaging, its extremely frustrating.

    Can anyone shine any light on this?

    I live in the UK (I appreciate products can vary country to country)

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    I was always under the impression that full fat milk/yogurt is ~4% fat. i.e why you never see anything over 4% in things like cottage cheese. I think 10% would start to taste more like butter or sour cream than yogurt.


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      This is Fage's US site, clearly showing 20g fat in 200g pot:

      FAGE Total Classic | FAGE

      The UK site shows Fage Total as 5g per 100g, but as I say I have bought 10% in the UK in the past...


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        My greek gods full fat yogurt has 11g. fat per 4 oz (113 g.) serving. Its delicious.


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          Where are you buying it from? Mine is definitely 10%. I've seen 2% but never 5!

          Hmmm....have just realised that on 'my supermarket' under the nutrition info they are showing 10g per 100 but on the actual pot it is only weird!!
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            I'm not sure how much this affects things with yogurt, but most whole milk is up to 7% fat, or so. Many cows produce closer to 4% fat. Anything over 7% has to be something related to the process of making/straining yogurt, or a result of some added cream during the process.


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              fwiw I eat the Cabbot brand of full fat greek yogurt (here in the USA) and it lists 10% milk fat on the tub. They get it that high because they add cream to it besides just regular whole milk. They also sell a regular kind without the cream that comes in at 5%.

              I go for the 10% kind and often times mix in some extra cream for more fat
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                I found a Greek supermarket that makes its own yogurt (labneh), to die for, approaching cream cheese in thickness. Forget Cabot's or Fage.
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