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Finger food ideas for Primal Toddlers?

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  • Finger food ideas for Primal Toddlers?

    Our whole family is primal; me, husband and 14 month daughter. She eats anything and asparagus is her favorite veggie! But when we're not at home and can't steam veggies or mash some berries (super messy, but otherwise they are a choking hazard!) what can I take along for the baby? She has 8 teeth, no molars, so it has to be something she can gum that doesn't require a bib...

    Any ideas?

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    One of my favorite treats is a date covered in coconut flakes with a pecan on top. I don't have kids so I don't know how well they would be able to chew a date at 14 months. They are nice finger food though. Sometimes I make a tray of them when I have people over. Just cut the date in half, remove the pit, dip sticky side in coconut and then top with a pecan. They taste like pecan pie.

    I am sure that these could also be mashed or cut into very small pieces.


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      Some easy snacks that our ten month old likes are cheese, grated carrot, any kind of meat, hardboiled eggs, banana. There is absolutely no food she eats that doesn't require a bib if you want her to stay clean. You could always offer additional milk too.

      If you are eating out she could eat off the menu too. Our little one had sushi the other day and she thought it was great. No problems eating all sorts of food and she only has one tooth!
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        lunchmeat, cheese, grapes, and baby carrots come immediately to mind (my 3yo loves them all)
        for the cheese, try laughing cow baby bel. It's super portable
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          Primal chicken nuggets--- pieces of chicken coated with almond flour or coconut flower, and cooked up in coconut oil. Add a little turmeric and salt to the flour. Delicious!

          (Just be absolutely sure to stay away from things like store-bought ketchup...)


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            My kids adore olives. Just the plain, store-bought kind. I do rinse them thoroughly to get rid of some of the excess salt, but they've eaten them sliced since about 1 1/2. They now like playing with them (putting whole olives on their fingers before eating them).
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              My daughter has always loved raisins, but could literally eat herself sick on them. Since they are so high in sugar, I decided to add a tbsp of coconut oil to a handful of raisins, an easy compromise! It's pretty tasty. Cheese is always an easy one (if you're doing dairy) or sliced deli meat.

              For an afternoon snack to take to preschool I started making coconut flour blueberry muffins for her. They are pretty good. I use the recipe from Elana's Pantry and subbed honey for the agave and used coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil. They are also pretty filling. I'm sure you could use mashed berries or any other fruit (or nothing!) in them. There is also room for adjusting the amount of honey - I usually use less than what it calls for.

              Gluten Free and Nut Free Blueberry Muffin Recipe | Elana's Pantry

              I bought a bento-type box at Target for her when she was small and anytime we go out to eat we usually pack her some of that kind of stuff. Most restaurants will also usually steam a small plate of veggies if you ask.


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                Thanks for all the great ideas! I think I'll try the laughing cow cheese first, since I mainly need something quick and easy my mom can give her when she takes her out every Friday morning. My CW mother thinks cheerios would solve all my problems ("It's good fiber for her!"). Now, I'm never going to complain about free babysitting, but I will not feed my baby cheerios.

                I'll definitely be trying the muffins and pecan dates...mostly for me


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                  14 months old baby is very small to eat something hard snacks. It is very important that if you want to keep baby clean without bib then no liquid food is require. You can feed her eggs,banana or any other fruits.