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  • Commercial Lard

    I have not been able to find coconut oil locally so I thought of animal fat and lard. But, it's real pasty and it's leaving me feel worse for eating it.

    Is it because the commercial stuff gets homogenized? Anyway, when I used to render my own moose fat, it always left a good taste in my mouth. This stuff is nasty.

    Any input?

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    You can order coconut oil online very reasonably. I would avoid eating anything that makes you feel like crap.
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      Just to lend a hand... if you have any GNC or vitaminshoppe or the like around you can prolly get coconut oil there..


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        Yeah, that's what I was thinking... Listen to your body...

        We don't have vitamin shops here but I'll look it up online.

        Thanks for your help! Just started and have a long way to go and a lot to learn...


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          Supermarket lard contains at least some partially hydrogenated lard, nasty to begin with let alone what is in the fat from conventionally raised pigs. I rendered some fat from Diane Renata's Boarfest and it is just sublime. It lends that mouthfeel (umami?) that you can't get any other way. I like the coconut oil but it's not the same.
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