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Avoiding inflammation?

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  • Avoiding inflammation?

    A) I ate something with soy flour in it this morning, and MAN do I feel like ass. Terrible choice.

    B) The actual question. For a few years now, I've been dealing with issues in my left ear. Basically, it always feels collapsed. It comes and goes, gets worse at times, better at other.

    I've been to doctors, and they clean them, but generally say that my ears are fine.

    So I start doing this paleo thing, and thinking more about how this could be a diet thing. I thought maybe it was some allergies...I thought it was dairy for a while, but dairy elimination didn't solve it.

    I know that I have REALLY tiny ears, so they compact really easily.

    I recently upped Omega 3's a LOT, via flax oil, fermented CLO, and fish oil. I've also eliminated eggs (in conjunction with a solution from Robb Wolf's last podcast).

    That has made a WORLD of difference. When I'm consistently taking the Omega 3's, I barely notice any issues, which makes me think that it is some type of inflammation.

    BUT, without a steady regimen of the Omega 3, it's still there, leading me to believe that I'm still encountering something inflammatory in my diet.

    Any tips for eliminating this inflammation more consistently/systematically?

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    I have recently added a Curcumin (Turmeric) supplement every day and have seen a reduction in inflammation.
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      Interesting. I may have to give that one a go. I feel like I'm taking a STUPID amount of supplements right now, so I've been reticent to add anything, but if it helps with this, I'm in.


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        What do you mean that your ear feels collapsed? I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease ( Meniere ) several years ago and tried everything under the sun to make it go away, but nothing worked. Not until I eliminated all grains. I haven't had a symptom since. And it sometimes was so bad that it felt like someone was blowing a coaches whistle in my head and I couldn't stand up because I was so dizzy. I really think it was the grains causing inflammation which affected my ears.
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          I had tubes in my ears for years and ears.

          Basically, they feel full. I can sniff hard and equalize the pressure, and they feel okay for a while, but it eventually comes back. It persisted even after I eliminated grains.

          I used to have really severe tinnitus, but that's gotten significantly better too.