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  • Eating too much

    I am going to start using Fit Day. I still feel like I am eating too much after several weeks Primal. And my weight has not gone down very much.

    For example, I just calculated my calories for two meals today at already over 2,200 calories, so I probably don;t need that much.

    Transparency will be good and it will help me to keep carbs down.

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    Yeah, keeping track of stuff will help a lot. Awareness counts. But watch out and make sure you measure and count accurately. I was reading the other day that almost ALL dieters misjudge their calorie intake by, often, as much as 50%! The biggest problem in dietetic research is just that unless you lock people on a metabolic ward and administer all their food to them yourself, they will NOT report their accurate, real calorie intake.

    So you get a lot of people who claim to be eating 1500kcal, who are in fact, when the researchers do all the counting and weighing of food, actually eating 3000kcal+.

    Planning helps a lot. Pre-preparing your meals and putting them in big tupperwares in the fridge helps too, people are conditioned to just eat whatever's on their plate, regardless of when they actually cease to be hungry. Counting the calories up the night before is also good because it's more 'cold', you're not as likely to wildly misreport.

    Just being clear and focused on accuracy in the portions goes a loooong way, imo.
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      Yeah I do that prepacking thing too.

      It'll be nice to normalize a bit more and lose weight.

      I won't try to restrict at first, just be aware. That in itself may lead me to subconscious restriction, but I am thinking that may help as long as I do not make myself crazy.