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Kruse Leptin Reset & Total vs. Net Carbs

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  • Kruse Leptin Reset & Total vs. Net Carbs

    I have searched high and low on this forum, Dr. Kruse's site and in Google and cannot find a definitive answer to my question.

    Since I am (way) more than 30 lbs overweight, Dr. Kruse's recommendation for the leptin reset is less than 25 grams of carbs per day.

    Does anyone know if that's total carbs or net carbs?

    I have been below 50g carbs per day total and less than 30g carbs per day net and I am definitely in ketosis. I do not eat grains, fruit, dairy, legumes, tubers, nuts, nightshades or higher carb vegetables and eat about 60/30/10 or 60/35/5 Fat/Protein/Carb ratio with calories around 2000.

    So not really alot to cut except for my low-carb veggies in my BAS for lunch or my low-carb veggies with my protein at dinner, which if it's basically net carbs is both unnecessary and possibly counter productive.

    Although I am also seeing other PBers who have had the experience that lower carbs = faster fat loss. So, if I need to cut out some 'good' carbs in exchange for more efficient fat loss, then that OK too.


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    So I was 30 lbs overweight, or thereabouts, and I did the reset on about 40-50 grams of carbs daily. Thsie carbs were from a very occasional piece of fruit or berries (like a quarter of an apple, or 4 strawberries), green veggies, bell pepper and tomatoes, onion and mushroom. I wasn't super-anal about it, but as you can see from my signature, it did work well for me.

    Correction: I was 50 lbs overweight when I started.


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      I need help with this too! I whenever I talk to Dr Kruse about it, its kind of a vague answer... So i dont know how to count!?


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        Since my initial post, I still did not find an answer written anywhere, but I've been going by net carbs. Seems to be working for me, so I didn't worry too much about it after that.


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          Mark counts by total carbs so I have just stayed with that for the sake of consistency. You're right, Dr K's answers sometimes leave you more confused than before you asked. I have no idea what his official policy is about this or if he even has one.


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            Total is my understanding.


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              Using total carbs with a small limit like 50g seems to leave too much ambiguity IMO

              Various forms of dietary fibre are not processed the same as starches/sugars by our bodies, why would we want to lump them together for measurement? one could end up with wildly differing net carb intake at the same total carb level depending on vegetable choices, especially if your diet includes anything like flax, coconut flour, inulin, etc....

              Mark's use of total carbs with a considerably higher suggested carb range makes sense, especially with his focus on colorful veggies & fruit, and could easily leave many people below 50g net carbs depending on choices of vegetables.
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                If you don't eat sugar, grain, potatoes, or rice you will have a hard time hitting 50g total or net! But I use total.


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                  Originally posted by otzi View Post
                  If you don't eat sugar, grain, potatoes, or rice you will have a hard time hitting 50g total or net! But I use total.
                  Perhaps if you are skimping on the veggies, have very low caloric requirements or are eating at an intense deficit it may be a challenge, but my total carb yesterday was aprox 80g without including grains/tubers/sugar/dairy


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                    Total carbs - he does clarify this somewhere, possibly in replies to the comments on his blog? I have been told in the past that counting net carbs is "an Atkins thing".


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                      Maybe it was an Atkins thing in America but whenever I did Atkins or others I know it was always total carbs.


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                        Thanks for all the help! Ive been counting and im hitting just at the 50 total carbs mark. Im grain,sugar and dairy free. No sugar or starches, no nightshades, no fruit etc. I just love veggies! (with lots of ghee