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Today is going to be a good day!

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  • Today is going to be a good day!

    So, after falling off the wagon yesterday (having some extra sweet english cookies and pastries with my sister in the morning and scotthis butter cookies in the evening ) I decided not to blame myself too much and I tried to avoid the dagerous thoughts which tipically come to em after I indulge (like, "well... I fucked it up, I don't care what will happen next... so let's have another cookie tomorrow, and pasta for dinner too"). So... TODAY IS GOING TO BE OKAY!!!
    I started my morning with a huge breakfast consisting of 2 scrambled eggs with coconut milk and 2 slices of bacon, and my unavoidable morning tea with whole fat eco milk.
    My lunch is a mix of veggies with olive oil,fish and octopus.
    My dinner... I will go to Indian restauramt with some friends, but I have already planned what to order because I know the place probably some chicken dish with lemon and curry cooked in coconut milk and indian spices, and hopefully no rice!!

    Thanks for reading this, I just wanted to share my new start and encourage the people who might fell off the wagon these days too to do the same, avoid the blaming and never give up!

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    Good job dusting yourself off and getting back on track! Good luck today


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      Good attitude!!! Have a great day!
      My new blog! Come see me!


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        You are sound so positive, very motivating! Enjoy your day!


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          everyday you're alive is a good day


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            Thanks to all! I just had lunch and sticking to the plan until now! yay!! Wish a very good day/evening/night for all you everywhere you are