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Folate/folic acid in pregnancy

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  • Folate/folic acid in pregnancy

    I have iron deficiency anemia and am really struggling to find an iron supplement that I can afford and that I can tolerate. Hema-Plex is relatively inexpensive, but it makes me nauseated. Floradix is very easily tolerated, but very expensive.

    In any event, I found this one: MegaFood, DailyFoods, Blood Builder, 180 Tablets -

    It is MegaFood Blood Builder. It is whole foods based. I would likely need to take 3-4/day until my ferritin stores are built back up. I am concerned about the amount of folate I'd be getting (in addition to the 600 mcg in my prenatal). It would total 2200 mcg/day if I took 4 of those pills. I am drawn to it because it's whole foods based and because the reviews are positive with regard to nausea.

    I have read that there is controversy about folate vs. synthetic folic acid. Would there be any harm in taking 2200 mcg of whole foods folate? (My prenatal is whole foods folate as well).

    Thanks in advance!

    p.s. I will call my holistic MD Friday, but he's out of the office until then.