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    Long before I knew that I had autoimmune disease I started loosing a LOT of hair. I used to have thick healthy hair, but over the years my energy dropped and I lost about 60-70% of my hair. I have been seeing the same hair stylist for more than ten years now and he has witnessed and frequently commented the massive hair loss.

    I recently moved and hadn't seem my stylist for over a year - first time since going primal. This week I went to see him and as he started to cut and color my hair he freaked out. He said that I have a massive amount of hair starting to grow in that is about an inch long all over my head. He said I will have about 3 times more hair than I have now in just a couple of months. I had noticed that I kept finding hair standing straight up on my head, but had no idea what was happening.

    I am not sure if it is because I added in bone marrow, bone stocks, and liver, just the reduction of inflammation, improved ferritin, B12 or who knows what but I am pretty damned happy about it! This has to be a sign of improved health right?

    The only bad things in that all the short new hair turned completely blonde when he colored it and the rest of my head is NOT blond - oh well, small price to pay for getting all my hair back.
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    Look at someone's eyes, hair, nails, skin, teeth and gums as well as how well they move and you can tell a lot about their health. A lot like horses
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      Have you read Danny Roddy's blog?
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      Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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        That is awesome! Sounds like Primal is working pretty well for you.
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          That is WONDERFUL news, jamz! You should post this in the triumph thread.

          I also have lost a significant amount of hair -- between AI, hypothyroidism, vegetarianism, and then also trauma related. My hair is a shadow of its former glory. Mine is growing back, too, but now I'm at that age where I wonder if it's sort of sad/desperate to regrow my hair long, like how it used to be.

          A story: I've been hypothyroid for soooo long now that I just got used to not bothering to shave my legs or really have to monitor them for hair growth -- there wasn't much and what was there was pitiful. Well, since getting my thyroid straightened out, my hair on my extremities is growing! I was getting a massage and looked down at my legs and -- WHOA! Hello, Sasquatch! (Same for my underarm hair, too!)

          I was just noticing the other day that my eye color has changed. Has yours?
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            Woo hoo!!!!!
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              YAY!! This is a big deal!

              I have Hashimoto's, and it seems that I have been losing even more hair since eliminating gluten. I am trying not to panic. Thank you for posting your story. This may be the inspiration I need to quit half-*ssing it and get really down and dirty primal (I have avoided the offal, and don't do the broths like I should).


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                I also have Hashimoto's and have seen tremendous regrowth since going primal. I started about 9 months ago. I used to have really thick, curly hair. After my thyroid tanked, I lost at least half of it and it got straighter. I didn't so much mind it getting straighter but losing hair is pretty demoralizing. I have lots of new hair and it's back to being curly. It's a bit funny looking since I now have two curl textures in my hair. I also had a gray hair that turned back to brown. The 1/2" at the end is white and the rest is brown. I think it was a brand new one. The ones I've had awhile stayed white.

                Same thing with the leg hair, too.


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                  I abused ritalin in my early 20s and stress-balled, heavy, from age 14 to 25. In that time I lost some hair, but still maintain decent coverage over the peak of my head. I'm hoping eating primal can retard some of the deletrious effects of my Lost Years.


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                    Sigh. Started losing my hair at about 24. At 42, I'm not sure any amount of bone broth and offal will bring it back to its formal glory. But I guess I'll be happy for any amount I can get!
                    Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                      Oh, and I should add I haven't been doing offal and bone broth. I should. I know. But I've just been eating meat and veg and veg and meat. Nothing fancy.


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                        Great to hear the success stories! I can tell that my hair is growing better/faster, and that of my nearly 3 year old son, too. We've been primal a few months now, maybe 2.5-3, with slightly more than 20% of "cheats" in our diet due to our church providing meals 3 times a week during a couple of months of bedrest and now 3 weeks postpartum (and many don't "get" our lifestyle, so just getting them to cut the wheat has been difficult).

                        Anyway, the toddler's hair was very dry and coarse, not growing quickly. It is now thick, soft, and growing much more quickly. It is gorgeous and feels healthy. (He has also gained 5 pounds and about 3 inches of height in the last month, thickening out & looking healthier in general).

                        As for me, I'm already starting the postpartum hair loss. But as I see that, I also see that there are tons of little hairs underneath, and my hair feels thicker & healthier, even with the postpartum hair loss starting. My hair is growing faster, and I find that I actually need to shave my arms about twice a week (usually I could go every 10 days!), and if it were still shorts weather, I'd be doing my legs as frequently too. It will be interesting to see the color of the hair, as well as texture, as it grows in better.
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                        Started primal a month before the end of my pregnancy with P who is now 1. Went from a size 14 down to a size 4 in less than a year. Now sitting at 20-21% body fat, a solid 130 pounds, and 5'9". Feeling better than ever before, and able to run around and chase my 5 little boys who range in age from 14 months up to 11.5 years old.


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                          @jammies: how are you incorporating bone broth into your life? Are you just drinking it, or putting a bit into other cooking, or what?
                          "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                            Jammies - you are awesome - you started a few months before me, and you are giving me hope for me having thicker hair again too

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                              My hair has always been pretty fine and VERY straight, but plentiful (wouldn't call it thick though). This year is the first year that I haven't dyed my hair in maybe 5-6 years and it's almost completely natural at this point (only a small remnant of blonde left on the ends...from fall of 09!), so the thicker and more healthful feeling I have could be attributed to that just as easily as my diet.

                              That being said, I am shedding a LOT more since going primal. I pluck hairs off my shoulders throughout the day and off the pillow after sleeping and pull out more when I wash my hair. I always wear my hair down so it can't have anything to do with wearing it up all day and causing strain at the roots...right? I wonder if it has anything to do with being in ketosis a lot (I'm bad at eating enough veggie so I usually just eat a lot of meat haha), or if it's in any way bad.
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