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Fish oil - still good or rancid

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  • Fish oil - still good or rancid

    So I have recently been reading that fish oil goes rancid and that it is actually common (over on Eades blog). So I got worried about my pills since I bought them at Walmart and the bottle was covered in dust. I didn't check the expiration date, but I'm sure by now it could be in question. I keep them in the refrigerator in the original bottle.

    I tried the taste test and at first I didn't taste anything, but then I got the fishy taste like a sardine without the salt. On the blog it says it shouldn't taste fishy, it should taste like nothing. All of the websites I have read say that if it's bad, you'll know, but it does have a taste so I'm worried. So if it tastes fishy, has it gone bad? I would have thought it was supposed to have a fishy taste. The pills also have a white precipitate in them...

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    When in doubt, return it. Walmart takes anything back now a days.


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      I have been having the same dillema in my head. I just don't take them anymore and try to keep my 6's low. I have considered getting some good quality cod liver oil, but it. is. expensive. jeeez. Probably worth it, though. I'm just not there yet


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        I ran into this problem... I just started buying fish oil in a glass bottle and taking a teaspoon a day at dinner.

        No more problems. It doesnt even taste fishy and no more fish burps


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          Fish burbs mean cheap oil or rancid oil (or even both). I spend too much money on good stuff, but I don't ever get fish burps from it. Store the oil in the fridge, and every week cut open a pill and give it the smell test.


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            I bit into a gel cap for just this reason and now I'm unsure. It didn't taste good but it wasn't particularly nasty either. I've got nothing to compare it to. I'm balking at the expense of some of the better brands and have essentially stopped taking it at all.
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              When I tried fish oil from the bottle, it tasted midly fishy. So when I bit into my capsule and it was midly fishy I thought this was about right. I was under the impression when people say that You Will Know when its gone rancid, that it either smells, or tastes really obscene.

              now I am confused and mildly concerned...

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                Surely a mild fishy taste is okay? But not the rotten fish smell?


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                  if they don't taste BAD and you're not getting awful fish burps I say they're fine!


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                    thats the problem with omega 3 supplements - according to the perfect health diet, there have been studies showing eating omega 3 foods reduces inflammation, but no studies showing that omega 3 supplementation reduces inflammation. I am with MadelynMc and I have very low omega 6, and fairly low omega 3 too, only what I get from food - keeping omega 6 down, I have a 6:3 ratio of maybe 1:1 or 2:1, which is very healthy without the need for supplementation, which might not be any good anyways. If it is rancid, not only is it not good, but it can do you harm.

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