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30 Day Challenge - Corn Nightmare



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  • 30 Day Challenge - Corn Nightmare

    I'm at the beginning of the 2011 primal blueprint challenge, looking to lose a bit of weight, and have been doing really well. Today I ended with a great steak on the BBQ and a grilled corn on the cob - however in a fit of paranoia I searched for corn on MDA and found, to my horror, that it's a grain!

    My question:

    Has eating a large grilled corn on the cob stalled my bodies adaption to the PB and brought me back to square one or is the carb load in the corn on the cob small enough that my body will ignore it and continue its transition to burning fat and becoming primal?

    I did a forum search and found lots of comments saying to eat no corn but nothing much on it's affect on recent primal converts so I defer to MDA community wisdom!

    Thanks in advance.


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    Don't sweat it too much. Just keep eating primal, live and learn. It's a process.
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      It's one corn on the cob, it won't kill you.
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        You have to have flexibility or you will go bonkers. I think I went bonkers for the whole first month, trying to be SOOOOOO careful.

        Tell yourself the roughage cancels out the grain-ness this one time. :-)