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Another reason you shouldn’t go nuts on nuts...

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  • Another reason you shouldn’t go nuts on nuts...

    This is concerning information - please discuss.

    Article can be found here.

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    Thanks for the information!
    I love nuts and use them frequently as they are very satisfying...I'm also a chocolate addict (luckily haven't had access to any in quite awhile).
    This has made me reconsider how much I will be eating nuts, chocolate, and I guess coconut too. At school I don't have access to any of these regularly unless I bring them so I guess its a blessing and a curse.


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      Damn. I eat Brazil nuts every day for the selenium.
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        I don't know why nuts and seeds are considered paleo/primal. I suppose they are strictly paleo as hunter-gatherers ate them, but this movement isn't about reenactment it's about food quality and nuts and seeds aren't quality foods. When you consider phytates and other antinutrients they are poor sources of minerals, low in many vitamins, contain high PUFA and generally a high 6:3 ratio.

        Check out the spreadsheet here, go to the 'compare' page and mentally adjust for antinutrients

        The Paleo Premise: Nutrient Database

        Brazil nuts are really high in selenium, so high that you only need 3.65g to meet the requirements (on paper). Animal foods are also good sources of selenium, if you're eating plenty of animal foods I wouldn't be too worried about selenium.
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          I love reading an artical like that right after consuming something it says I shouldn't, in this case almond butter on Lindt 90%, which was damn good. I have been planning to phase nuts out of my diet anyways, as I think they mess with my digestion, so this explains a lot. But, fuck it, the chocolate is staying -_-
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            Although, there appear to be some benefits of the phytates in preventing colon cancer. Lactobacillus (yogurt, anyone?) contains phytase, which may help this problem, if eaten at the same time. I wonder if we just make sure we keep the nuts "alone" in our diet (snacks, or example), or eat them with yogurt or kefir, that we can just 'move along.'


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              Nuts flatline my weight loss so I severely limit them anyway. After I reach my weight loss goal I'll introduce them back into my diet. (I love em too much!)
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                I eat nuts and seeds on occasion because they really help with pooping, for me at least.


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                  Yeah, I cut nuts out a few weeks ago for the most part. When I do eat them, I eat them alone so they can't do too much damage. But I now consider nuts part of my 20% instead of my 80%. To compensate, I've increased my tallow consumption, and, with surprising satisfaction, my leafy green consumption. Also helpful as of late are canned black olives and (possibly worth rethinking after reading that!) Aroyo-D coconut milk. I never did believe that nut butter or powder were safe, and am often surprised at the number of recipes that contain them. There's just no way Grok ate like that. It's mostly green plants and whole animals (including fish), folks. Everything else was seasonal or a treat.
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