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Need some help w/ supplementation recommendations.

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  • Need some help w/ supplementation recommendations.

    While I aim to get most of my nutrients from real, whole foods, I do feel I should be supplementing some things.

    This is what I am currently taking:
    • Vitamin D - Any recs on how many UI to take? Fall/winter where I am is very cold, cloudy, and snowy. I do get some daylight on weekends and during my drive to and from work, but again...not sunny most of the time.)
    • B6/B12 in one tab: 1000mcg of B12, 25mg of B6. How is this amount?
    • I am considering Inositol for stress management (anxiety-inducing situations in my life right now that I am not able to escape from at this time).

    I need recommendations for:
    -A new liquid fish oil. I prefer a potent one. Is one with a higher amount of DHA ideal? Or at least equal amount? I've read mixed things. Open to recommendations. In the past I used Nutrasea Ascenta, but I'm wondering if one with different ratios of DHA to EPA would be better.
    -I am also wondering if magnesium would be a good thing to take as I hear it is often good for sleep issues, and I definitely have those (mainly stress related). I also am open to recommendations for this, on both brand and dosage.

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    Are you taking D3? That's the one you want, and as for dosage, generally 5000IU-10000IU Vitamin D is recommended. The higher end is recommended for colder/northern climates.
    I would personally take a good B-complex instead of separate pills. Inositol (another B vitamin) is found in most blends, so thats a bonus if youre wanting to start it.
    I use Green pastures fermented cod liver oil, which is very highly recommended by many, including the WAPF. It comes in several liquid flavors, as well as unflavored.
    Most people are deficient in magnesium, and because it is vital for all processes of the body it's not a bad idea to take it. I can personally attest to the wonderful affect it had on my sleep, as well (that and 5-HTP have me sleeping like a rock even through the day when I'm on night shift). I just use a local health store brand, 250mg a day but you can take 500mg a day if needed.



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      I take the Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil/ butter oil mix. Can't say for sure that's the reason, but I've noticed an increase in my wellbeing since I added it.
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        Thanks all! I"m confused about the amount of each B vitamin I should be taking since obviously gov't RDA is not necessarily the ideal for most.

        I am Canada, so winters are cloudy, snowy, cold, and bleak, so I will be upping my D3 (that's what I'm taking).

        Any recommendations on how much of each B12 I should look for?

        How much EPA/DHA do you take per day and at what ratio if you don't mind me asking?