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  • Macronutrient Information for Recipes

    Hello all:
    We've found our way to primal\paleo eating because of our son.
    We found out a few months ago that he has a seizure disorder. In a few months he will be starting a modified Atkins diet (20 net carbs/day) to hopefully, over time, be able to eliminate or reduce seizure meds.
    I like this style of eating because of the lack of dairy. We are reformed semi-vegetarians-almost vegan even.
    The one problem that I am seeing is most sites or books don't have macronutrient info-what really counts here is carbs-fiber=net carbs.
    I did get the 30 minute meal cookbook because this info is included (and the recipes look great) but I am having a hard time finding other primal\paleo sources with this info included.
    Does the original Primal book include this? I cant tell on Amazon's preview.
    Any other good sources that have it?

    thanks all!

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    Let me give this thread a "bump".

    I ordered both the Primal Blueprint Cookbook and the Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals. I was disappointed to see that the main cookbook did not include the macronutrient information for the recipes. I've tried a search, but I don't see it on MDA anywhere.

    Has anything been done to make the info available?




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      Hello from someone else who has seizures and is doing the MAD for control.

      Atkins always has counted in net carbs but Mark counts in total carbs. I do agree that the net carb idea has been abused a bit by manufacturers of allegedly low carb treats including all kinds of sugar alcohols and saying those didn't count in net carbs. I think that's why Mark went to total carbs to prevent that kind of confusion.

      But you're right that counting net carbs if we define that as just taking out the fiber carbs makes a lot of sense. That's how I count mine.

      On the SparkPeople site there is a feature for tracking net carbs. That's the one I use.

      This is a thread I have going about ketosis and epilepsy.
      Your input would be most welcome.