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So, what is healthy, really?

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  • So, what is healthy, really?

    I've been flitting in and out of 'healthy eating' for about 4 years now. Started with Zone eating(so stupid and pedantic), then paleo, then low carb. This all inconsistent and mixed in with junk foods, but that much to be honest. Now i've come full circle, and at 26 y/o have really decided that i just don't want to eat that pizza anymore. I just want health, really, really supreme health.

    Now, i've just come off a week of some pretty major carb-binging. The reason for this was that prior to this week I had not been eating enough, fasting too much, and generally being a bit crap. So I just decided that i'd have a week of overeating- yams, squash(gas has gotten bad, which i never ever have), tons of butter, much more fruit and OJ than normal, and a little less animal protein than usual. I've also eaten a fair amount of crap- Brownies(yum), some amazing muffins, and just now a disgusting pizza. I've even hooked up with my old friend Whole Milk, but that is just a fling, there's no future for us I don't feel any guilt at all, because i knew i needed a week of overeating. Of course, I could have done without the junk, but i feel i have benefited from this week, pyschologically speaking. I can't be assed to feel guilty about it. However, now i feel i really have no time for the junk anymore, and will probably just have something cheaty once a week, or fortnight(brownie/muffin or something). I even gave up coffee stone cold, don't even crave that stuff anymore!

    My point is though, despite a noticeable difference in my body this week, it's unusually heavy, unagile, my knees hurt a bit, legs are tired etc- therefore affirming to me the hideousness of junk food in the long term, i feel good mentally. Stressing over food is a huge detriment to us. If low carb is not working, be honest. If IF is stressing you out, admit it. But as for a true level of health and fitness, What is that even? Is it just some intangible, elusive pot of gold? I'm so bored of this should we eat low carb/high carb, low fat/high fat bullshit.

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    When I think about what it means to be healthy, I think of a young child or an animal like a dog or a cat. Once they wake up, their energy level is such that they can be called on to do most any kind of playful physical exertion at any time, for long stretches of the day interrupted only by very brief periods of resting or napping (well, one good long afternoon nap for a human, I suppose). If you drag your ass for more than 5 minutes after waking up, and/or are completely useless after supper, then you could stand to be healthier.
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      It also depends on your goal. Do want to have an amazing time while you're alive, feel strong, warm and fast whenever you want? Or do you want your body to be a martyr for your beliefs, live the vegans do? I personally want to live to well beyond 100, and be reasonably fit in the meantime, fit enough to carry my wife a good long way out of trouble if needed. That's my measure of health. Sustainable habits to keep the body ready for strenuous activity when it's called for, and to preserve the organs for long life.
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        Eat sufficient protein (maybe a gram for each pound of LBM for an active person...maybe a little less if you aren't active), eat a large amount of veggies, avoid sugary garbage and trans fats for the most part, take your fish oil and multivitamin daily, stay lean and active. Everything else beyond this probably isn't going to make much of a difference.