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Nutless November (A personal project)

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  • Nutless November (A personal project)

    So, Im posting here really because i'm really interested to hear the thought/opinions/suggestions of those far more experienced than myself....

    (I know variations of these ideas have been posted about many times before but there are so many different situations/viewpoints - i hope you dont mind!)

    Ive been 80%+ primal for about 6 weeks now (following a 100% approach, with the odd "blip" rather than regular repeat offences....) and whereas before i had lost weight before primal, I found I was having to eat only dust to maintain it. this way I look and feel much healthier, and Im eating much more (ie, properly) AND my strengh training is going from, well, strength to strength and I feel i am gaining a bit of muscle, I think I may be stalling fat loss because Im very fond of nuts, and although Ive cut out all milk, I still have the odd blob of double cream, cheese, and greek yogurt. Ive discovered that I have to keep my carbs real low to get anywhere - ie not put weight ON and limit myself to as much leafy greens/leeks/root veg as I like, with 2 - 3 apples a week, and about 200g sweet potato on days im doing REAL cardio (I run the odd 5 - 10k)

    I propose that for all of November I continue my sporadic "blip" 80%+ pattern, but eliminate nuts and ALL dairy, (and no snacking - will this help?). I will eat more meat, and veggies, and continue to cook with butter (as well as coconut oil, beef tallow, and lard) and still enjoy coconut milk, and then in December, re introduce but restrict nuts to only being as part of a meal, like sprinkled on a salad, and replace cream and yogurt with coconut milk, and have only small occasional portions of cheese.

    I also have the occasional portion a whey, as a kind of "supper" after training sessions - I think I should cut this as well, but any ideas on what to replace it with? I quite often wake in the middle of the night starving hungry If i dont eat anything, but I cant eat more before hand as I have tight time limitations afterwork/before training.

    Anyway, thanks for your thoughts!