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Transitioning a reluctant child

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  • Transitioning a reluctant child

    My one year old and I have been primal for a few months now but my 6 year old daughter has not. I always feed her primal meals but she would constantly be supplemented by other members of the family. The good news is my family have finally seen enough changes in the baby and I that they are willing to support (ie not sabotage) me switching Miss 6 to a primal diet. Actually I lie, my husband is still being a jerk but he is never home at meal times The granparents are on board though.

    The good news is I will be able to prove definitively whether or not it works for her. She had a bronchoscopy in July and will have a follow up one next year.

    The only question now is, how do I sell it to her. She loves bread, her dad has recently got her addicted to honey cheerios for breakfast and chicken nuggets are her favourite treat. I don't really do any primal baking but do you think it would be worth it to get her to eat?

    Ahh I'm just a bit clueless on where to start. The baby eats whatever I do but the 6 year old is much more fussy. Any advice would be appreciated!
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    I would definitely try some primal baking! I know that some people on the board disagree with using almond flour (and it is not ideal!), but I do think that - if it helps initially to make the transition that it can be a help. When my youngest (who's 11, and was already diagnosed coeliac) first went Primal, I used a few of the recipes from Healthy Gluten Free Recipes | Elana's Pantry (although I used rather more coconut oil, and honey or maple syrup instead of agave nectar!) to ease the transition. I also use almond flour to make more primal chicken nuggets. Somewhere on this site was a recipe for making "cornflakes" from large coconut flakes, and those might be of help, too. Otherwise, I was a cruel and heartless mother offering only 2 choices at mealtimes - "take it" or "leave it" ... after a few tantrums, she ate and has continued eating Primal. Now she has no more eczema, her asthma has all but disappeared, and so has her acid reflux. She also finds that she is more able to concentrate in class and her grades have improved considerably! So the transition is definitely worth trying for.

    One other point - when my youngest was diagnosed as a coeliac at the age of 5, she was very reluctant to eat anything I put in front of her as the textures as well as the taste were different. I found it took quite a long time of trying (about 2 months, and we started to get quite worried) to get her eating properly - I always tried to make the equivalent of some of her favourite foods in a way that she could eat and that tasted as close to "normal" for her, then tweaked the recipes a little at a time to be healthier - that way she didn't really notice very much, and neither did the rest of the family.