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Is there a primal blueprint meal that can replace cereal?

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  • Is there a primal blueprint meal that can replace cereal?

    I've just started eating primal. I have grown up eating cereal for breakfast and just barely stopped eating cereal. It's a quick breakfast especially when you are out the door in the morning. Just takes five to ten minutes to eat. My wife likes it because she used to buy the big cereal bags for cheap at the grocery store.

    Now is there something I can eat for breakfast that follows the Primal Blueprint guidelines? Hopefully it's something as quick as cereal. If there isn't maybe I should prepare it the night before I head to bed?

    I've stopped eating it because I read the negative effects of it from The Primal Blueprint book. It makes sense eating that kind of cereal even though some of what I ate was healthy it's the milk that adds to the belly.

    Hopefully someone here can help me out with this. Thank you.

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    Cinnamon Apple Creamed Cereal | Paleo Parents

    Haven't tried, sounds good though!


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      Leftover dinner.


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        Whenever I'm in a rush my go to meal is a smoothie. I love them because of the ease and customization.
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          When I am literally dashing out the door, almonds and an apple.
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            Originally posted by Glamorama View Post
            Leftover dinner.
            +1. It takes about 2 minutes to fry eggs and bacon as well.


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              Make ahead breakfast ideas. Keeps well in the fridge. Reheat or eat cold. This is what I do for myself and my boyfriend.

              Hard boiled eggs (though it's much tastier to steam them, it never tastes yucky that way).
              If you guys ever eat soup, chili, stews, curries, make a LOT EXTRA, keep them in pint-sized glass mason jars in the fridge.
              Meatballs. Cooked sausage. Steak slices.
              Bacon, sometimes. It's nice cold.
              Quiche if you like it; I don't.
              Mashed or cubed sweet potato, parsnips, with ginger, salt, garam masala (if you have it) and lots of butter.
              Coconut chicken curry.

              It's great, you can keep some of these in the fridge and mix-and-match to your heart's content.
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                Hard boiled eggs
                Greek yoghurt & berries

                For the occasional cheat I go for sardines on toast.

                Today's brekksta will be a left over lamb chop from last night.
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                  hard boiled eggs
                  Nonola (Girl Gone Primal: Recipe: Grain-Free Granola (Nola) - The Final Cut)
                  Wide coconut chips toasted for 2 mins & served with heavy cream (it's just like special k)
                  bacon & scrambled eggs (takes 5 mins)

                  best to invest in a book like Everyday Paleo & Make It Paleo. Both have great breakfast suggestions

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                    Originally posted by Glamorama View Post
                    Leftover dinner.

                    Also, bacon and eggs are quick.

                    A glass of raw milk, with or without protein powder and/or raw egg.


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                      For a cereal replacement, I take yogurt and sliced almonds with vanilla and a couple drops of stevia sweetner. It's a nice milk and crunch breakfast - like cereal, but thicker.


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                        Hot cereals...cream of buckwheat.

                        Or just heat up a can of pumpkin or butternut squash. Mix in some seeds, cinnamon, a few nuts for texture. Delicious.


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                          I make my own granola with no grains. I use lots of nuts -- sliced almonds work well as a base, plus other nuts, pumpkin seeds, and coconut -- I like the wide shaved and unsweetened, of course. I toss everything together with some coconut oil and a little maple syrup for sweetness (or raw honey, if you prefer) and some vanilla. I use VERY little sweetener.

                          Then I spread on a large baking sheet and cook at about 275 degrees F, for 15 min, stir, cook again -- until it is browned enough for your personal taste. At this point, you can add in some flax seeds -- don't cook them. Freeze the extra -- it keeps well, so I make lots.

                          I like it mixed with yogurt or some heavy cream. You definitely don't need as much as you would have for a traditional cereal. Maybe 1/4 cup. Add some whey to the yogurt for extra morning protein.
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                            Some "bowly" meals that I enjoy -

                            A large bowl of finely chopped strawberries, topped with coconut cream and shredded/dessicated coconut

                            A bowl of pumpkin puree, with spices (cinnamon, anise, cardomom etc) topped off with some coconut cream

                            Set the slow cooker the night before. Add stewing meat and cubes of carrot, celery, brocolli stems, onions, spices etc. Spoon out into a bowl the next morning and eat like cereal, with a spoon.


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                              Easy. Skip breakfast. Problem solved.

                              I used to have problems finding anything decent to eat for breakfast since I have very little time in the mornings, but once I got used to simply not eating until I have lunch at work, it's so much less stressful. I do eat breakfast on weekends when I have time to prepare something proper though. But then it's still more of a breakfast/lunch combination (i.e. late breakfast).

                              If you feel you need something to "get started" in the mornings, a smoothie or a piece of fruit, some dried meat, some leftovers from last night's dinner or a handful of nuts might do the trick.
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