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how my latest 40 hour fast changed me

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  • how my latest 40 hour fast changed me

    First, I tell you I am sorry for not starting a journal thread to chronicle this adventure. I was involved in serious things.

    So I just feel great, in general. In the days leading up to the fast (which started Friday, 20:00), I was eating a lot of candy, had some donuts, I even ate a loaf of bread over two days. So, you see, I was in a bad way.

    And how do I feel today, with two hours remaining?

    I feel so good.

    My brain, with energy. My body, with quickness it moves.

    But most importantly, my craving for the donuts, the candies, and the breads, it has vanished, as has my craving for the marijuana, which I was smoking daily for the last 11 days.

    I truly feel like I have 'reset' my brain.

    I recommend this to everyone, so you may feel better, stronger, quicker.

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    I go 40ish hours twice a month. Pangs at about 12 hours and nothing after that. Amazing buzz of clarity after about a day, presumably the brain on ketones. I also like the break from cooking.
    Wheat is the new tobacco. Spread the word.


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      The pangs attacked me at +12 and around +23. The ones at +23 were the most challenging, and I almost gave in and ate some wings.

      But do you know how I maintained the iron will? I thought of my kids, which I do not have yet. If I am raising my son, and I tell him I am going to fast for 40 hours, and he sees me eat wings 23 hours in, what kind of man will I raise? I will not raise a man, but a weakling. So after this, it was no problem. I went on.

      The clarity, I hope to maintain it now by abstaining from the ganj. This is fresh start.


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        Please do start a journal. I always love reading your posts, you need a thread dedicated to your thoughts!