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Intense high sugar response - what's going on?

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  • Intense high sugar response - what's going on?

    I've been primal for over a year now. There's room for improvement but it's great - I've lost weight and benefit from all the other stuff that come with the Primal lifestyle. I don't indulge in high sugar foods and my fitday carb-count varies between 110-160 grams on average. My wife is a bit primal but far more sugar orientated than I am.

    Last week we went to the cinema and we both went silly on those little gummy/gelly type sweets all sugar and E numbers. Yummy! It's not something I usually do, but being the kind of person I am I ate all of them (big bag!) in about 15min into the film. My wife did a similar thing but with a smaller bag. Going to the restaurant she felt shaky and really felt she needed some food. At about the time we ordered the starter I had got 'the shakes' also (something I hadn't experienced sine pre-primal days) and was sweating (in the cool restaurant) so much that my shirt was soaked and there was sweat running down my forehead!

    Of course I knew it was related to the sugar earlier and it went in about 5mins of the Sake and the starters arriving! I'd never experience something like that so intensely quite scary.

    Anyone have ideas on the biology happening behind that?

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    I would guess that your body has just got out of practice at handling that amount of sugar. Which is a good thing IMO!
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      Originally posted by Horsewoman View Post
      I would guess that your body has just got out of practice at handling that amount of sugar. Which is a good thing IMO!
      This, i also had the same thing happen to me. Went to the movies and got some dreyers ice cream and one chocolate chip cookie, last time i had sugar like that was over 5 months. immediately after i had a sugar rush, felt like i needed to run 2 miles to release it lol. my body was able to handle it afterwards tho didnt have any set backs. safe to say "treats" like that will be very far in between.
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        The last time I ate a ton of refined sugar all at once, I puked. That would never have happened pre-Primal. I think this is pretty normal and a sign that your body isn't taking that crap from you anymore.
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          I've experienced just what you're describing. It happened after I drank dextrose powder dissolved in water. (I did this because I wanted to refeed with pure starch and no fructose, and I can't eat enough sweet potatoes or white rice to get enough starch for a refeed without feeling uncomfortably full. I thought a few glasses of a glucose solution would be the answer.) I felt just what you describe: lightheadedness, shakiness, and sweating in a cool environment, accompanied by an intense feeling that I needed to eat something substantial to make it go away. It came on two to three hours after I consumed the glucose, and it passed quickly, in about five minutes. It only ever happened when I drank the dextrose powder, but it happened every time I tried it. Obviously that was a short-lived experiment.

          It wasn't a normal "sugar rush," bloating, or the standard unpleasant physical consequences of eating too much sugar. Been there, and this was something different. I wonder if the candy you had was mostly glucose/dextrose, and if this is some sort of known phenomenon. Anyone else with similar experiences?


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            I'm a diabetic and I was on insulin while pregnant with my son. What you are describing sounds like a nasty low blood sugar. It could be that it got very low or sometimes blood sugar dropping fast will produce the same symptoms. It sounds like your body overproduced on the insulin because it is out of practice. The remedy is to eat something, preferably with some carb, but more protein and fat to level things out. If you eat too many carbs to bring up a low you risk starting a ping pong for the rest of the day. You may feel like eating anything that is not nailed down, which won't help either. When a diabetic feels bad enough to get the sweats they are at risk for passing out. A normal person will kick glucose out of their liver to stabilize blood sugar when it drops to keep from passing out. Adrenaline kick starts the process which is why you get the shakes and feel anxious.



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              It's because you are more insulin-senstive than you were before, therefore the same amount of sugar elicits a greater insulin response and effect.
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