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  • Love Mexican what?

    My Fiance and I are huge fans of Mexican Food, and as all of us know mexican food is full of carbs and other bad fats. Any information or recipes to satisfy our cravings??

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    Fajita stuff without the tortillas?


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      Learn to make your own. White rice is fine in terms of health unless you're trying to lose weight or you're not insulin sensitive. Mexican spices are very similar.

      Chili powder.
      Cracked black pepper.
      Lemon juice.
      Lime juice.

      Take those ingredients and you'll be able to make pretty much anything taste like Mexican food. A GREAT side dish is cilantro-lime white rice. Cook your rice, squeeze in lime juice, add salt and cracked black pepper and fresh chopped cilantro.

      From there, choose your meat. I like to braise or slow cook a pork loin, drain and shred the meat, season it with cumin, paprika, salt and pepper, marinate overnight in lime juice, cilantro and garlic, heat extra virgin olive oil to 375-400*F and fry it til crisp. Serve over rice with cream cheese and pico de gallo. Delicious meal. This also works well with lean beef roasts. Look up "vaca frita" for more ideas. Yes, that's Spanish for fried cow
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        If I'm out at a Mexican restaurant I usually get fajitas and don't use the wraps or taco salad. I always have Pace Picante sauce and Hatch green chilies in the pantry -- good on top of eggs, steak, whatever. My favorite salad dressing is salsa and full-fat yogurt mixed. I also buy fresh chilies every fall (I love Hatch or Big Jim) and roast and freeze them. We make our own chili. I like stuffed poblano peppers -- stuff with chicken and cheese and chilies or salsa and bake. Basically, you can have Mexican without the tortillas and without the beans and still have great Mexican.
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          u can always go the cauliflower rice route and do spanish rice.

          grate the flower.
          fry it in grass fed butter.
          add some free range chicken broth.
          add tomato sauce.
          cilantro, black pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder.
          boil it for a bit and there u go.
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            I have "Mexican" every week. Make taco meat with ground beef and spices fried in a pan, with some [frozen] onion and peppers. Add sour cream, cheese (cheddar jack!), guacamole. Eat with spoon. Smile.

            Just don't use packaged taco seasoning, as they have a bunch of junk and lots of thickener. Also, be careful of chili powder. Some has filler. Get the good chili powder, and add extra cumin, a bit of oregano, and some smoked paprika (my secret). Salt too! And red pepper. Have fun, you're going to quickly find out that the tortilla wasn't the best part of Mexican food.