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How to reset Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 Password easily if you lost or forgot



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  • How to reset Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 Password easily if you lost or forgot

    It is truly very often for us to meet the password problem, sometimes we would forgot windows password or lost windows password, and could not login windows system and make a big trouble. At this time, you would hope to find a way to reset and recover the forgotten password.
    Actually, a lot of methods are available to recover or reset the Windows password. But most of them are designed for PC experts, not common PC users, those solutions are too complicated to get it work for us. And in this article, I will show you a professional software tool which could help you to reset forgotten windows password easily.

    Total Windows Password Reset is powerful password recovery software to reset Windows login password for you to access Windows OS without reinstalling the OS when you forgot windows password or lost windows password. It could remove windows password and set the password to blank. Just boot from the program CD/DVD or USB flash drive, choose the account you wish to reset and all will be done. It is not a method to crack or bypass windows password, just remove or delete windows password and set it to blank so you could login windows to set new password.Below is the guide of how to reset windows password with this software, only 3 steps are needed to reset windows 7/Vista/XP/2003 password:

    Step 1: Download the setup file of Total Windows Password Reset on the official website:
    Total Windows Password Reset - Recover Windows Logon Password easily.
    And install it on another PC. Then you could startup the password recovery software to prepare the bootable disc.

    Step 2: Burn the windows password recovery bootable CD/DVD or USB disc with the software.
    Now, you may select “Burn DVD/CD Disc” or “Use USB Disc”. If you select first method, you need to have a blank CDR/DVDR disk, a COMBO or DVDRW drive on the PC. If you select to use USB disc, you just need to pay attention: This USB devices would be formatted, so you must make sure to back up all the data before use it. And the maximum capacity of the USB devices cannot exceed 2G.Tips: We recommend you to use the DVD/CD method to do the windows password reset, because some computers may not support USB start-up.

    Step 3: how to burn the CD/DVD
    1.Launch Total Windows Password Reset main window, Click “Burn DVD/CD Disc” button.
    2.In BurnCC’s main window, click “Browse” button and in the open window, locate the file “TWPR.iso” on your desktop, select it and click on Open to get back to the main window. Then, click “Start” button.

    3.Your DVD drive should open and insert a blank CD-R or DVD-R disc into the drive and close it. Click “OK” button. Your CD will be burned in a few minutes.
    Tips: if there is already a CD/DVD disc in the drive before run the software, the CD drive will open automatically. Please close it again. The process will be continuing. And you could also select UCB as boot disk, and you could visit the website to get more information and tutorials.

    Step 4: Boot your PC with the burned CD/DVD or USB disc to reset windows password.
    You need to insert the Created CD/DVD or USB drive into the optional drive of the locked computer and reboot it.
    Tips:It your computer still boots from hard drive Windows OS, it's necessary for you to change your COMS or BIOS settings to make it boot from CD/DVD or USB drive. If you don't know how to set it, you may visit the official website:Total Windows Password Reset - Recover Windows Logon Password easily. or contact the computer manufacture.The computer boots from CD/DVD or USB drive, then
    1.The program will ask for the Windows OS hard drive volume. Enter the ID number of the hard drive volume that Windows is installed.

    2.The program has detected all the user names of Windows and asks which user name password is to be removed. Enter the ID number for the User Name.
    3.The program asks to confirm weather to remove the password or not. Enter "y" (yes) to confirm your action and "n" (no) to deny the action and hit "Enter".
    4.The program asks whether to continue to remove passwords for other accounts. Enter "y" to continue and "n" to finish. Eject your USB from your computer first and press any key to restart the computer from Windows. Now you can log in Windows with an empty password (with no password.), just click “Enter” when you login.

    If you have any questions of the password recovery procedure and the settings, you could visit the website:Total Windows Password Reset - Recover Windows Logon Password easily. Now you could see that to reset or recover the admin login password of windows OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 2000 is not so difficult and you can do it with ease.

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    Windows 8

    Unfortunately it doesn't work with Windows 8. Eventually I managed to remove my forgotten admin password using PCUnlocker.


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      The method seems not working on UEFI based laptops. An alternative way to bypass windows password is UUkeys. It is able to reset admin and user password form any Windows distribution. Here comes the tutorial.
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        I pray for your death.


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          So it can be a easy way to get the recycle bin location windows 10 here in windows laptop.
          Looking for where is recycle bin in windows 10 and how to open it, Use this tutorial to locate and open recycle bin in windows 10.


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            You can also really get the way to record computer screen windows 10 at