Great picks for skate shoes are Vans and Osiris. There really are loads and loads of brands out there with professional endorsers but at the end of the day, comfort is key. The design aspect does come into play though and shoes brands are competitive over this. You have got to check out Osiris designs! Their play with fabrics, textures, and colors are awesome. Supra shoes are also cool and classic. Every skater would have at least one pair. Their line is comfortable and affordable. There are tons of other brands to check out apart from these two. Among them are Element, Supras, Circa, Etnies, DC Shoes and Nike SB. No matter what though, I will always go back to Supra.
Supra shoes and simple classic designs that gets a revamp every now and then. They've got comfortable soles and stepping. Definitely a standard. Awesome graphic designs lace some of their shoes. Osiris also pays particular attention to soles and steppings. This is so crucial for a skater because it helps to avoid ankle and knee injuries as well as joint pains. This is so important for a skater as it helps to avoid ankle injuries and joint pains especially on the knee. Furthermore, you want soles that will last long and withstand all the friction with the ground especially from breaking. Another thing about Supra shoes is that they have a fantastic line for girls! Some brands completely neglect this. They are continually pushing the bounds of both taste and function. They also carry apparel like hoodies, shirts, hats, and pants. They've also got a specialized line for BMX, FMX, and MTB riders.
So if you want to buy one pair skate shoes, considering of Supra shoes, not matter Supra shoes for women or Supra high top shoes for men all very popular. The styles also very cool like Supra shoes justin bieber, Supra vaider blue, Supra vaider green, Supra vaider grey, Supras vaiders, Supra shoes girls…… look at here Supra shoes latest style you will like it very much.

skytop 2
Supra skytop 2 gradient
Supra skytop black tuf
Supra skytop purple