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Silly question: Does toothpaste illicit an insulin type response?

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  • Silly question: Does toothpaste illicit an insulin type response?

    If, according to some, even tasing something sweet will illicit an insulin spike response in the body would that mean that toothpaste/mouthwash with sweeteners would as well?

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    It would need to hit your bloodstream to cause insulin to be released.


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      Actually Taubes explains how some smells trigger insulin to be released even though the person didn't ingest any foods.
      I know for fact that certain smells and sugar alcohols in toothpaste and other items causes an insulin spike, but not high blood sugar. Thus, after brushing your teeth you feel the urge to eat something sweet shortly after to stabilize blood sugar.
      I've read several articles about this, I think one of them was even on MDA once.
      If I can find them, I'll link it.


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        Also, Ramiel Nagel explains in his book that the glands in your mouth do something called 'fusion'. This is why you can swish a sugar water in your mouth, not ingest it, but spit it out afterwards...and then keep sucking your saliva glands to pull more and more and more and more sugar from them...even after rinsing your mouth with clean water, you'll be able to suck your saliva glands and get more sugar again and again.

        I've tested this with natural food colors such as beet juice, it's true.


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          If you're worried about it, they make toothpaste without sugar (even without artificial sweeteners). Tom's of Maine is a good brand and pretty nationally available in regular big-box grocery stores now (ie - you don't have to hike to Whole Paycheck or your local healthsupplement store). Takes about a week to get used to brushing with something that's not sweet.


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            We've discussed this issue before, and I'm always skeptical. If just the taste causes an insulin spike, then it follows that merely thinking or dreaming about sweets should also cause an insulin spike. Sounds pretty woo-woo to me, like saying we think ourselves fat.


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              Nothing scientific, but I've salivated when thinking of food. Which triggers amylase, which probably triggers other players in digestion as well. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out it's true. But is it enough insulin to matter? I doubt it. Need actual studies to know. Thankfully, insulin can be tested for pretty readily and I suspect this study has already been done! I use tom's anyway, to get away from fluoride.

              Remember the study where calorie restricted rats died earlier just from the smell of food? How does THAT fit in?!
              Crohn's, doing SCD