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  • Need help with ideas for kids!

    My son is 7 and has been a self-proclaimed vegetarian his entire life. Even as a baby wouldn't touch meats (when he was old enough to try it of course). Recently he has started liking chicken and steak, and even a cheeseburger now. He really dislikes vegetables. His diet has consisted of anything bread-like and cheese. He's so picky he wouldn't even eat macaroni and cheese. He loves fruit, cheese, and will now eat eggs.

    Bready things are always part of his diet. He's thin so weight isn't an issue. What has become an issue though is his concentration and focus. He's extremely bright but can't stay focused for very long, especially on school work. He's gotten a little "wild" around the house - very physical, always running and sliding around like he's on the baseball or football field. He has a ton of energy but he is a GREAT sleeper. Goes to bed with no fuss and sleeps for 11 hours straight - never waking up in the middle of the night.

    We don't have sugary treats around the house (cookies, candy, etc) but what we do have are things like cereal, granola bars, pankcakes, bread, crackers, and I think those are doing him in.

    I have been trying to changes his lunches as well so he doesn't get a lot of junk at school and can stay focused. Almonds, cheese, fruit, and he used to only want peanut butter and jelly but now he will eat a ham and cheese sandwich.

    Any suggestions for more food ideas? Kid friendly cookbooks or recipes?

    I think I just need to remove all the junk and deal with the pushback for a few weeks until he gets used to it. We talked about "eating like a caveman" and he thought it sounded fun, and then asked for some crackers.

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    With my daughter it was going slowly and giving her meat on the bone, chicken drumsticks and other choices that looked like fun & worked with Ice Age metaphors (Are you a dino now??? WOW!). One major problem that we finally identified was spice + deconstruction. I either cook meat plain and add sauce for the adults or when we do roasts and the like we cut out the 'middles' for her.

    Fruit and plain yogurt was a big hit AFTER I told her it is a magic yogurt that can turn into ANY flavor she wants, voila!!! I allow her to put a teaspoon or so of sugar on it (give her a really tiny spoon).

    She also became nutritiously contious from watching Sid the Science Kid. She also ADORED the 'Apple' food choices from the healthy diet, and totally went for it. BUT! My kid was always a huge vegetable eater (don't leave family's serving of asparagus on the table unsupervised, or the family won't have any asparagus...), and our battle is just with eliminating bread and pasta from her diet. I only keep sprouted grain bread in the house for an occasional sandwich (try slicing fruit or cucumber on the sandwich instead of jelly btw) & the only cereal we have left is plain non-sweet whole-wheat Cheerios - I keep trying to sub it for rice crispies but so far, no success.

    If your kid is a big chips lover, consider investing into a dehydrator and make your own vegetable and fruit chips I am thinking about taking the plunge there

    Hope that helps, and let me know how it goes!
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      Great suggestions!! Thanks so much!


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        You can make homemade almond flour crackers as a substitute - that way when he asks for crackers you can give him some and not feel bad about it.
        Homemade lara bars are good too - then they feel like they are getting a treat.
        You can make gluten free pancakes which is at least a start in the right direction.
        My kids love fruit crumble (apple/blackberry is a fav) - I use almond flour for the crumble and put lots of cinnamon in and a little bit of sugar. They think it is treat but really they are pretty much eating fruit and almonds!

        My own kids are pretty picky eaters, but also don't have any health issues, so it has been hard for us too. They don't really eat cereal so that was easy. I stopped buying crackers. I try to focus on stuff being homemade and as gluten free as I can manage, but they are definitely not grain free eaters. Since my husband is not primal it has been hard to make a total switch for the whole family. My 6 year old still has a sandwich most days in her lunch, but only on 1 piece of bread and then the rest of her lunch is usually fruit and cheese and sometimes a hard boiled egg. I try to be happy with the good things that they eat instead of beating myself up over the bad stuff.
        My own brother was the pickiest eater ever.....until he was about 17! Now he eats really well. I hope I don't have to wait that long with my own two, but I think if they grow up in a house with good healthy food eventually they will get the hang of it!

        I don't think I really helped much, but try to remember that even little steps really count and get you that little bit closer to where you want to be.


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          I think you did help! Sometimes as a Mom it's more a mental hang up. People say "when he's hungry, he'll eat." Not my kid. So I have fed his carb addiction because I couldn't watch him go hungry. One day at a time!


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            1) Get Them invloved in the cooking
            2) Let them choose but give them only primal choices
            3) Make a huge point in how much YOU love vegetables.. MMMmmm..oh man I can't wait to have X..
            4) Make vegetables taste better... I peel the eggplant and cook it in lard, make sweet potato fries, Add delicious little brother wouldnt eat broccoli until I put some homemade lemon caper sauce on it, I made him try it and he finished the plate
            5) Put a healthy story behind it, tellthem how it will make them big and strong, smarter....feel better
            6) make it cute... like ants on a log, take some celery add some almond butter and put raisins on top..let them play with it..get them interested in it
            7) talk negatively about the foods you dont want them to eat,, eww those make me feel terrible I dont want that I want to be strong! Like a super hero!
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              How long has your child gone without food? A day without food will not cause any permenant damage.
              Primal since March 2011

              Female/29 years old/5' 1"/130ish lbs