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Salads and dry throat

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  • Salads and dry throat

    Recently I find it hard to enjoy a meal out. Whenever I eat out I get a dry taste in my mouth about 1/2 an hour after the meal. Even if I have a salad and ask for no extra sauce.

    I have a cup of coffee (based on hot water with a drop of 3% milk).

    It also happens sometimes with meals at other people's houses.

    My Mum thinks it's my thyroid acting up because it used to until I changed to a low-carb real food way of eating. I know I have eaten more carbs in the last month and some processed food but this dry mouth syndrome is making me not want to eat anything and eat everything at the same time. I just feel that I can't enjoy my food anymore.

    I do know that when I stick to good food my body thanks me for it and my IBS is under control.

    I just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this dry throat syndrome in their PB trials and errors or switch to lower-carb eating. Iv'e been eating low-carb for the last 10 months.

    Any ideas other than for me to get to the Dr? I did have my thyroid checked a few weeks back and it was ok.

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    Ketosis does make you go through water faster. You need to drink a bit more than you would normally think of as enough. If this doesn't work, then get your thyroid checked.