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Calories in bone broth (chicken)?

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  • Calories in bone broth (chicken)?

    ...Does anyone know? I have only found conflicting information on the internet!
    Thank you1

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    You can't expect to find a definitive answer - it depends on the meat/bones you use and also on the concentration.

    Why do you need to know in the first place? The nice thing about PB is that you do not need to count calories.


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      I am aware that a many on the PB do not count but I like to have a rough overview about what`s in my food. I found myself gain some unwanted pounds in the beginning of eating Primal as I just overdid the fat; I do not count in general but for me it does make a difference if a cup of something I intend to include into my diet has 100 or 450 calories in it!


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        In that case, any estimates on the Internet will be unreliable anyway. I am afraid I don't know how to find out a reasonably exact answer. You could weigh the meat and vegetables and find their respective calories, but I have no idea how to tell how many calories remain in the solid parts and how many go in the broth itself. To be on the safe side, I would take the highest number you can find online.