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Broths, Lectin, and Other Negative Contents

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  • Broths, Lectin, and Other Negative Contents

    If I were to make a broth where I put a food, lets say beans, in a pot and boil them enough to leach out the potassium from the beans, is there also a significant amount of lectin also leaching into the water or is it just a certain amount where a large amount of lectin is destroyed in the cooking process and a large amount remains with the beans themselves. And I am speaking of not soaking the beans, even though I really want to, because soaking leaches potassium significantly. And I will not be eating the beans in this case. But I would also like to know how much, estimated and I don't mean numbers necessarily; enzyme inhibitors, trypsin inhibitors, and other negative components leach into the water and also would survive a significant boiling or cooking process as potassium is not destroyed through cooking only leached into water more with increased heat. But I am considering this for other foods as well. Thank you for any help or response you may have.