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Question about Grok's cooking methods

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    I don't think that traditional peoples cook all or even most of their meat on spits. But even if you do, a lot of the fat is internal and doesn't drip out, especially if you are cooking an entire animal. So they wouldn't be losing that much.

    But plenty of animals were probably cooked wrapped in leaves, stewed or boiled in pots/bark containers, baked in hot coals, etc. There are lots of primitive ways to cook and not all of them drain fat.
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      Sometimes up to 75% of my daily calories come from fat. Remember, without carbohydrates the body needs a fuel source. And I walk up to 8 miles every day at work. My current intake is balanced so that I do not gain or lose weight anymore. I'm finally at my healthy weight and fitness. Primal for the win! And it's not like I'm missing anything from my diet. Between the fish and vegetables, etc., I get everything. Do not fear the fat. It is your friend!
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