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Is my fasting blood glucose (70 mg/dL) too low?

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  • Is my fasting blood glucose (70 mg/dL) too low?

    I took my own fasting blood glucose this morning, and it was 70 mg/dl. I've read that anything below 90 is fine.

    However, I encountered this article which concluded, "Participants with low fasting plasma glucose levels had a high risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality."

    They attempted to control for different confounding factors. The results suggested that risk of mortality from all causes (especially cardiovascular disease) was significantly higher for people with a fasting glucose below 80 mg/dL. The lowest mortality was for people between 80-109 mg/dL.

    Can someone put this in perspective for me? What do you suppose might be the root of this increased mortality? If not for encountering this study, I would think that 70-80 mg/dl is ideal.

    Since eating primal, I don't feel sways in blood sugar, and I don't get symptoms of hypoglycemia (irritability, ravenous hunger, etc.). I'm at my ideal weight and am not pre-diabetic.

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    Are you eating very low carb? If you're in ketosis your blood sugar will be lower than usual, but it's nothing to worry about.
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      I don't pay too close attention, but I definitely watch my carbs. I eat below 100 grams, and probably below 80.


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        (putting my diabetic hat on-I am one) Blood sugar is not completely food in-blood sugar up relationship. Stress, illness, irregular sleep, and hormones all raise your blood sugar. Exercise will bring it down for hours, and from personal experience camping brings it down for about three days after I get home as well as during the trip. Irregular eating patterns can give you pretty irregular blood sugars and start a yo yo pattern going. Your number is a good nondiabetic number. However you would not want it to be any lower. Up until just a few years ago, 80 was considered normal and anything less was considered low. I have a daughter who is reactive hypoglycemic(she is becoming insulin resistant) and she can have some really low numbers. Dinner the night before can and does affect morning blood sugars. I always have really good morning readings after a low carb dinner.

        Is this a consistant number or just one morning? An outlier reading is not particularly worrying as much as a consistant trend. I will have to follow this study and see if they have any updates. A morning sugar that low is a bit surprising, because dawn effect(your body preparing to awake by dumping sugar from your liver-completely normal) usually makes it a bit higher. It suggests that your liver is depleted of it's stores of glucose. Dawn effect is the bane of most diabetics, because it is so freaking hard to get under control. If I could hypothesize, I would think that consistant marginally too low blood sugar would prevent the body from repairing wear and tear and increase mortality by simply getting run down.



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          Not sure I can speak to your question exactly but the 'normal' range is 60-100.


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            Stop reading those articles.