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  • extreme sweet craving

    so im "kind of paleo" for the last few weeks, eating alot of salads and avoiding mostly grain and milk thought not full abstinent but big avoidance.
    but for the last week+ i foudn myself craving really bad for sweets and chocolats and not the dark type and ended up buying more and more untill i ate much more then regular when no paleo.

    what should i do? i can i deal with it? i tried eating more fruits but still failed.
    in my first try i did try consuming just dark chocolate, yet found myself eating more and more dark untill i just skipped to regular.....

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    You'll grow into it. Just don't try to go cold turkey, ease yourself out of the junk food. Also, I've personally found that when I consume more saturated fats I don't have any carb cravings, so that may help you also. For the last week I've stopped drinking whole-milk based kefir because my lactose intolerance may have been causing issues considering the amount I've been drinking. Even eating tons of other high-calorie foods in it's place, that took out my primary source of fats and since then I've been craving sugar like crazy.


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      I agree with alexdc, upping the intake of good fats like coconut oil has been amazing with curbing the carb cravings. As I think Mark has said in the past, crave sugar, eat fat! Try the blueberry nut balls in the quick & easy cookbook, first recipe, I find them amazing at helping with sweet cravings (though I'm not getting those so much now, just really enjoy having the berry nut balls every now and then!).