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  • Question for the supplement gurus...

    Hi all,

    I am a longtime lurker on the forums here and can normally find all the information I'm curious about already in the archives! However I was hoping some of you knowledgable people could give me some advice.

    Basically I've been a low-carber for about a year and a half, 6 months of which I've been Primal.
    (I am one of the slow losers) but its not just about the weight loss for me, although that is one of my long-term goals.
    After being recommended chelated magnesium and taking it diligently, my leg cramps and severe migraines are all but gone. I'm experiencing all the benefits that go with being primal, but am still having problems with one particular issue that maybe you guys could help with.

    Every since I hit puberty I've had really severe dandruff. About five years ago (years before I discovered low carb), I was coming back home from a trip abroad and woke up on the plane with peeling skin all over my nose and cheeks. EVER since then this has not gone away!
    I was not sunburnt while away, and the peeling has moved from my nose now to my eyebrows and top of my forehead. It can get really sore and red and looks awful.

    It peels in scales almost, and from doing some reading I'm guessing this is a kind of psoriasis / excema? I don't have it anywhere else on my body.

    I've read various advice to people with similar problems and I've tried most of them like rubbing coconut oil (temporary for me, it sort of works/soothes the area for about 6 hours or so), I don't eat gluten or wheat/grains (I get stomach cramps), I have tried cutting out dairy for a few months at a time and no longer drink milk with no changes. At the moment I eat greek yoghurt occasionally.

    I've read that this kind of skin issue is a sign of a lack of supplements? Like I said I take chelated magnesium, fish oil, and since I live in the UK and its now winter I also take 1,000iu vitamin D called Cholecalciferol - is this the right kind to be taking?

    I read that taking zinc can help, could somebody offer advice on this?

    Many thanks for any help you guys can give!

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    Have you seen a doc?
    Which shampoo helps?
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      You may need to try strict Paleo for a month. See if this clears or helps the problem. I'm no expert but it could be worth a try. Re-introduce foods back into your diet and see which one makes the situation worse.


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        You likely need a lot more D3 than 1000 IUs (yes, that's the right kind!) Make sure to get it in an oil base, not a tablet.

        The suggested maintenance dose is 1000 IUs/ per 25 lbs of body weight (from the Vitamin D Council.) Get tested in 3 months and adjust your level. More info on the Council website.

        Also most of us are deficient in zinc, unless you regularly eat oysters. Try 30-50 mg of zinc picolinate. for a few months.
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          I have several family members and friends with eczema and other skin disorders and goat milk soap seems to give them a lot of relief. I make it at home (I keep goats) and give it as Christmas gifts, and it's all my brother and father-in-law will use. Try to find some unscented as it'll have less additives- the less additives the better. Buy one bar & give it a shot- if it doesn't help all you're out is a couple of bucks...


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            Ok, coming from a former dandruff-sufferer, my guess is that you need zinc. I would also suggest MSM in powder-form, it's very beneficial for skin-issues. You also need to only use organic shampoo, and limit washing your hair till once or twice a week. For the MSM, you should start with half a teaspoon daily w meals, and slowly build it up to 2 teaspoons in total (taken ever 12 hours).


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              You could try a nut, dairy, nightshade, egg elimination for a month to see if it helps. Someone on the forum mentioned their psoriasis cleared up after a month of going nut free - so I tried it and it got rid of 90% of my scalp issues. I have also given up shampoo to help. Eggs, nightshades, and dairy are also common inducers of inflammation for people so getting rid of those may help.

              You should get your vitamin D levels checked and then supplement up to the high end of normal. I ended up needing huge doses of D for a while to get up to normal - 1000 units of day did nothing for me. I also take zinc and MSM a couple time a week - so maybe those are helping too. I didn't realize they helped with skin issues
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                Are you sure you're eating enough good fats? I don't have any experience with dandruff, but speaking from a general skin-health perspective: make sure you are eating coconut oil daily, as well as fatty fish and avocado a few times per week. You may try more like 5 - 10k iu of d3 (cholecalciferol) daily, though I would really recommend trying to get 30 minutes of actual sunlight per day if possible; doing both will have no detrimental affects.

                If you have reason to suspect something along the lines of psoriasis (ie, none of the above is working for you), try an extremely low-lectin version of primal. Doing a forum search on this will return a bit, I also found this link: THE LECTIN STORY


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                  Thanks all so much for your advice!

                  I'm 90% certain its not a food allergy as I haven't eaten eggs for about four months, and when I started low carbing I ate meat only for about the first three months. I do eat a lot of avocado and coconut oil too. I try to get sunlight when I can but I work indoors all day and its SO cloudy here.

                  I think I will try to change things slowly so I know what's helping if I notice any changes!
                  If it helps my facewash is SLS free and I only use it 2-3 times a week so my skin doesn't become too dry.

                  I'll start off with the supplements... I can't afford a vit.D test at the moment and not feeling up to the challenge of convincing my less than trustworthy GP that I need one just yet, so I will start taking some more vitD and look for a good zinc supplement. My current one is in oil capsules, is that ok?

                  Is there a better type of zinc to take so I don't buy the wrong one? (ie like chelated mg over oxide!)

                  What's MSM? Sorry I don't think I read that term before. :S

                  The lectin reset is very interesting! It seems like a lot of people here have been having success with it, I may try this too and maybe it will help with my weight loss as well!!

                  Thank you all again! If I notice a big change I will definitely post back to let others know


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